The Truth About Maturity

At what point to you achieve the plateau of “normal?”

Austin, Texas “Indivisible.”

Make Racists Afraid Again.”

How clever is that? I say it is about as clever as walking around an Infowars reporter blowing a fart whistle. You don’t like what someone says? Plug your ears and Hummmmm. That will show them how well balanced you are and totally convinced that your dedication to resort to physical violence as the only plausible answer to your dissatisfaction about the 2016 Presidential election.

Priceless Wisdom.

Maturity. The Left seems big on that. Oh Yeah — And Intelligence. Remember when you were in grade school and someone thought calling you names would make you cry? For lack of a reasonable argument like your hair color or your choice of jeans or your family last name or something even more incriminating like your record of getting good grades on your report card? Yep. I’m undesirable because I did my homework and even volunteered at the front office as an aide. NARC! Ass Kisser! Teacher’s Pet!

You know what? That’s the same mentality used by ANTIFA and the majority of ‘Progressive’ Democrats and scores in Hillary’s Lonely Hearts Club.

But — Intellectualism is not the argument here. The discussion is about MATURITY.

If you don’t like a person’s opinion you now have carte blanche to attack them — not their ideas, but their person. They are undesirable.

And while you are at it they can easily be categorized as racists, homophobic, nazi and fascist all in the same breath. Saves energy for more mature chanting like “Make Racists Afraid Again.” Or my current favorite — “No Trump. No Wall. No America at All.”

Alas — I’m too dull to point out the obvious.

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