TIME — Man of the Year?

And they said ‘that’s not who we are . . .’

Let’s be sure to keep this politically correct so that we can ease back into reality. A non-gender specific award has gone to a person instead of a ‘Man.’

The title ‘President of the Divided States of America’ is not an insult? Whatever happened to being completely wishy-washy and mamby-pamby about things?

Black is the new white.

Wrong is the new right.

Time Magazine might as well start the parade of lemmings to the precipice because they are going down the digital tidy-bowl pretty fast now, anyway.

Thanks TIME. You just proved we got the right guy.

And one last thing for you Snowflakes out there — Remember how the Republican MSM whined all over major media and constantly on the major networks about how unfair the 2008 elections were and began a costly 4 week drain on an economy that hand-cuffed the incumbent President Elect Obama so badly that it ruined all of our lives?

Me Neither.