Welcome to the Republican Party

Tom Urich ️
Nov 18, 2016 · 2 min read

Children Understand It — Why Can’t You??

It’s always been this way . . . . . . . .

Recently, while I was working cutting trees in the front yard my neighbors stopped by to chat as they returned home from walking their dog. During our friendly conversation, l asked their little girl what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day. Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there so I asked her, “ If you were President what would be the first thing you would do? “ she replied “I’d give food and housing to all the homeless people.” Her parents beamed with pride! “Wow… what a worthy goal “ I said. “But you don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that! “ I told her. “What do you mean? “ she replied. So I told her, “ You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedges and I will pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out and give him the $50 to use towards food and a new house.” She thought that over for over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eyes and ask, why doesn’t the homeless man come over and do the work and you pay him the $50? “ I said, “Welcome to the Republican Party.” Her parents aren’t speaking to me anymore.

Tom Urich ️

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If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.

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