Launching Metrics, with a new task!

Real Dev
Real Dev
Oct 5 · 2 min read

Real Dev just got more fun — We’re happily announcing we added metric collection!

What does that mean? This picture should demonstrate it pretty well. The idea is straightforward. You might have heard of the famous benchmark game and web framework benchmark. We developers love benchmarking, and optimizing. We want our code to be perfect and fastest in the world!

As you can see above

  • Each task now can have more than one test suite
  • We collect some metric, such as timing, latency, and show them in the result, shows off how good your code is!
  • Now the leaderboard is ranked based on metrics! When two submission have the same score, the one with better metric will be ranked first!

Since we have multiple test suites per task, it’s reflected in the task card. When only part of them is solved, it looks like this.

Lastly, as you probably see above, we are launching a new task: Trending Products. It comes from our real project experience. Write a script to handle some big data and deal with some statistics. It’s not hard, but hard to solve with good metrics! Challenge yourself!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Real Dev

Real Dev is a platform for developers to practice and learn with real world coding challenges and projects.

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