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Real Dev
Real Dev
Aug 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Have you found yourself in an interview and were thrown a puzzle question that you’ve, never, ever written in your daily coding life?

I’m sure you have. We had too.

Using algorithm puzzles for assessing a developer’s tech skills is plain wrong. I know. It exists for a reason. For many big companies, they don’t really care. But that doesn’t make it right.

We developers, should be defined as what we build, not what puzzles we can solve.

Tech has developed so much more since the past, far beyond some smart tricks that can cover in some whiteboarding. Many of the points are well written by the awesome folks here at, so I’ll save some words.

Today, we’re launching

Real Dev is a platform for developers to challenge themselves with, real-life coding challenges.

No algorithmic puzzles that bends our mind, no Aha questions that tests your preparation. Real ones.

Here’s how it works.

Real Dev Video Intro

This is a place where you can

  • Challenge yourself
  • Learn new cool tech
  • Enjoy building real (but small) project

We really believe real-life coding skill is what really matters. And we would really appreciate your feedback and help!

If you share the same philosophy, you can help by either spreading the words, or just talk to us. Share your unique developing experience, and we can make them part of our challenges!

If you’re a company that values these skills, talk to us, we can help! Let’s try moving the industry towards a more realistic direction!

Thanks for your time. You can find us at

Real Dev

Written by

Real Dev

Real Dev is a platform for developers to practice and learn with real world coding challenges and projects.

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