Want highlight sharing like Medium on your WordPress blog? Use Epic Sharer.

Ishan Sharma
Mar 18, 2016 · 2 min read

Medium is beautifully designed.

Every feature has just the right amount of discoverability and usability. One such feature is the Medium sharing popup.

Highlight, Click, Done…

The first time I saw this, I wanted it for my blog.

When it was recently needed for Epictions Blog, I finally decided to go ahead and create a WordPress Plugin for this purpose.

Thanks to the easy to use Selection Sharer and Titan Framework, I was able to roll it out in half a day.

With some testing and a couple of changes, I was able to roll it out for use on any WordPress blog.

Right now, it is available in WordPress Plugin Directory. You can download Epic Sharer here.

Or you know, just go to Plugins → Add New and type ‘Epic Sharer’. It’s right there. :)

Powerful sharing, just 3 clicks away!

I have made minimal options available for the plugin as now. You can:

  1. Set a via handle for tweets.
  2. Show only on posts, pages or homepage.

What’s next?

I have some changes in mind that will make the plugin better. Including:

  1. Adding hover state (turn the Twitter/Mail icon any color you want when you mouse moves over them)
  2. Adding Facebook sharing.

If you have features or suggestions, drop me a tweet, comment here or drop me a mail.

Ishan Sharma

Written by

Engineer, Writer, Artist. Programming, writing and gaming when not sleeping. Studying at University of Texas at Dallas. Previously @epictions.

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