December Update

It’s busy and exciting times at REAL:

  • The Platform development progress is according to plans and we will soon see a functional version with the new designs.
(part of the team at work)
  • New team member hirings keep happening. We hired an administrative person in Spain, Katherine, and will hire three new team additions during these months in the Real Estate buying department, Technology development and Administration.
  • We continue working with our legal and compliance teams to launch the first Real Estate investment tokenized platform. We did not anticipate it would take that long but being first to market has both its pros and cons.
  • We are starting to visit potential Real Estate investment opportunities. We will look into high growth emerging markets like: Thailand (we met a developer there and checked on a good opportunity), Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia.
  • Exchanges listings are proving to be harder than anticipated. Because we do not have our platform ready yet, and because the trading volume is still low, the biggest exchanges have told us to wait for some months to get listed. In the meantime we will work to get listed in some smaller but nice exchanges to build more volume and pave the way. We will announce once it happens hopefully shortly.

Finally, we would like to wish you a nice holiday season. Thanks for your support. 2018 is going to be a great year for our Token and Company.

The Real Team.

pd. Oh, also a little detail: We shared with you some of our new designs ( , and many of you pointed out that you did not like the logo, and that it looked too similar to other crypto company that starts with “R”, so we’ve decided to change it. We will share the new proposal shortly.