How to securely contribute to our REAL Token Sale

Visit to contribute

Our Token Sale started on August 31st, 13:00 UTC (That is also 01:00 PM GMT) and will last until CAP is sold (100,000 ETH) or September 30th at 1PM UTC.

Our Token Sale will be a standard one so if you have participated on a Token sale before you will find it very straight forward. If not, please follow these instructions:

To participate the token sale you need an Ethereum wallet or an application where you hold the private keys. Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring tokens.

*We only accept Ether. If you hold Bitcoin or other ERC20 Tokens we recommend using ShapeShift to exchange them for ETH. A Youtube guide on using Shapeshift can be found here.

Trusted Source

Do not use any Ethereum address information posted on Social Media channels, even if they appear to be from REAL (that includes not using information on any translated version of our site or posts). For security reasons the only trusted source for the Ethereum address to contribute ETH in the Token Sale will be available through:

Ethereum Wallet

Do not send Ether directly from Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase or Kraken. You need a ERC20 Token compatible Ethereum Wallet (see below).

Participating the token sale

  1. Buy ether in a cryptocurrency exchange. (
  2. Transfer Ether to a compatible wallet (see below).
  3. Send the Ether to our token sale address with correct data and gas limit values

Sending a Token Sale transaction

Token sale deposit transactions need to have non-default gas limit (a.k.a. transaction maximum gas). This is because token sale transactions are more complex than simple Ethereum transfer transactions. The default gas limits is too low to correctly perform a token sale deposit.

To participate an Ethereum token sale you need to fill your transaction with following details

  • Address — this is given you on the crowdpage deposit page.For security reasons the only trusted source for the Ethereum address to contribute ETH in the Token Sale will be available through:
  • Gas limit: Please raise to 250000 gas tells that this is a smart contract transaction and is more expensive than normal Ether transfer.
  • Gas Price: Leave at 25 gwei. Do not go above 50 or the transaction will be rejected.

Note: If you are using please double check your the gas limit field value after filling the data field. MyEtherWallet may reset the gas value to an invalid number after inputting the data field.

Compatible wallets

The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):


  • Do not send any ETH from an exchange. Always send ETH to your own wallet first, and then contribute from there.
  • If you don’t know which wallet to use we recommend
  • Use only the Token Sale Address provided at No other source is valid.
  • Select a Gas Limit of 250000 or more.

More info:

pd1: Check out our FAQ in case of doubts.

pd2. We already have a positive CoinFabrik Token Audit

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