REAL Growth Project & Token Repurchase program

Thanks to the excellent platform start we have had during the past few months, we believe it is now time to announce our strategic plan for 2019 to foster growth and progress with our long-term vision.

After careful consideration we believe we need to perform some adjustments to our platform and token model going forward. They are inspired by other successful token models so we are confident that our ambitious plans will yield good results for everyone.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, and allow time for our development team, our current model will remain “as is” for the past two closed investment opportunities, as well as for the rest of this year including the next two excellent investment opportunities that will be introduced in October and November.

REAL Growth Project

Effective 2019, there will be some adjustments to our platform in order to grow into a successful and growing crypto business.

a) We have decided that we will accept investments in the two most popular cryptocurrencies: BTC & ETH, besides REAL tokens. We will accept them at market value and we will develop an automatic exchange mechanism that will convert cryptocurrency to USD once funds are transferred to the platform to avoid any volatility risk. By accepting the popular cryptocurrencies BTC and ETH we will be open to all the cryptocurrency market and expect to grow our platform activity substantially.

Please note that from 2019 onwards we won’t be able to maintain the promotional exchange rate of USD 1 per REAL that we announced during the launch period and that, as mentioned in our whitepaper, we will need to start selling the crypto (REAL, BTC, ETH) we receive in order to fund the investments. The reason is that our resources have gone down more than 60% due to the negative cryptocurrency fluctuations and we need to stick to our budget plan as published on our whitepaper. (As some of you know we sold most of our ETH in February but for various reasons -banking & security- we decided to hold our resources in crypto and have only been selling parts of it as we were needing them to do the last two investments). After going down that much in value we decided to sell all crypto last week to avoid going below our raised ICO funds. The result is that we currently hold in total around 10MM USD (in Fiat currency) so the “push fund” will be depleted this year and therefore cease from 2019 onwards in order to ensure several years of operations according to our budget.

b) Profits will be paid in the same currency that was used to do the investment, also at market value. Profits from investments done in BTC will be paid in BTC and profits from investments in REAL will be paid in REAL. When there are profits or the investment is sold, we will use the proceeds to purchase the cryptocurrency in order to pay the investor. We believe that by having to purchase large amounts of REAL to pay investors will benefit the token.

Examples: If an investor invests 1000 REAL Tokens valued at 0.50$ each, he will be effectively investing $500. If a) the REAL Token grows to 1$ each, and there are $200 in profits, we will pay the investor 500 REAL (principal) + 200 REAL (profits). If however, b) the REAL Token goes down in price, to 0.25$ each, we will pay the investor 2000 REAL (principal) + 800 REAL (profits).

c) Platform fees will be 50% less for users that pay in REAL on the first year, 25% on the second year, 12.5% on the third year and 6.75% on the fourth year. In order to encourage the use of REAL tokens, we will also plug in the BANCOR converter on our site (see ) to facilitate the purchase of REAL Tokens.

Implementing these adjustments will open us to all the cryptocurrency market and enable us to grow into a solid and robust operation.

Token Repurchase program

In order to further align our interests with the token holders we are also happy to announce our Token Repurchase program where we will use 25% of our revenues (not profits, just revenue!) of every quarter derived from the PLATFORM fees to buy back REAL at market price and burn them until we buy 50% of all REAL (10MM) back.

All buy-back transactions will be published on our MEDIUM and recorded on the blockchain. Our plan is to burn 10MM REAL leaving less than 10MM remaining.

This model might sound familiar to you if you are using one of the most popular exchanges out there. We love it as it simply links the business success to the token success.

REAL Platform Update

Our very own CTO Javi has just married, CONGRATULATIONS!!! We wish him a very happy marriage.

During August some of our team members will also be away from work, so in September we will continue progressing with our developments for the next upgrades which will include: multi currency support, investments progress bar, new homepage, and new investment opportunities.

We believe that with this strategic plan we will secure a more robust and successful business and everyone will benefit.

Thanks for your support,


pd. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt or clarification. You can contact us on our social network channels or emailing us at support @