Leave The Gays Alone

Dear Christians who are afraid of gay people (which I am deeply aware is only some of you,)

Please face your fears already, so we can stop with this nonsense of trying to take away other people’s basic human liberties and rights to exist, all while insisting that you’re merely protecting your own religious liberty. You’re not fooling anyone and its making us crazy. In fact, it’s making some of us protest.

It’s just a simple fact. If you try to block someone else from having the ability to get married, or, I don’t know, attempt to ban a movie that some in the community would have really liked to see, you are directly in the way of the freedoms of others in your community who believe different than you. There is no getting around this truth, no matter how justified you feel.

Sooner or later you’re going to have to make peace with the fact that your religious liberty doesn’t extend that far. Not in a free society. It absolutely affords you the right to control how you live and practice your faith (for e.g. nobody can ever tell you that you have to enter into a gay marriage) but your rights will always end where another’s rights begin.

So unless you want to create your own society, like the Amish, or the Scientologists, where everyone in your community agrees to believe the same thing and abide by the same rules (which you are free to do,) those “others” are going to potentially be as near as next door. Therefore it would really help if you learned to make peace with them. “Love thy neighbor” and all that good stuff.

Look, I get it. You get pissed when a movie forces you to have a conversation with your kids about homosexuality. Its complicated. Your faith tells you to love all God’s creatures and practice non-judgement, but also tells you that homosexuality is a sin, so there’s no easy way to get into it, especially with a kid. But do you really think you can avoid having this conversation?

Gay people exist in this world. They always have, always will and as far as I can tell, are officially done with hiding so that everyone else can feel more comfortable. So sooner or later you are going to have to have this conversation, especially now that social media has made the world a whole lot smaller, so why not start now?

It can be as simple as, “there are some people in this world that are born different. They prefer to love and marry the same sex.” Then you can pile a whole lot of judgement on top of it, if you want, to make sure to scare them away from ever making that “sinful choice.” That’s your freedom at work. But if they grow up to be bullies, or self-hating (because it turns out that they themselves are gay) then that’s on you and your faith to sort out.

The good news for you is that being gay is not contagious. If it was, I would be so super gay at this point that rainbows would be shooting out my ass, so you don’t have to worry that the mere act of telling your kids about homosexuality will magically turn them gay. If you tell your kids about gay people and they say to themselves “oh, that’s a great option. Thanks for letting me know,” that would be because they’re gay. No straight kid would ever say that. A straight kid would usually say something more along the lines of “oh” and move on like mine did, or “ewww” depending on their maturity level.

Which brings up my last point on this subject. Whether you realize it or not, the chances are high that somebody in your inner circle that you care about deeply is, in fact, gay. Its just simple math. And, news flash, they can hear you. They hear every word you say about them and their kind. And lets just say for the sake of argument, that they feel their being gay is not a choice, but just how they were born (as gay people do,) how do you suppose it feels to be them, listening to you? Do you suppose they find you to be particularly loving? Christian? Might there be any reason they might feel the need to hide/protect themselves from you? Protest against you?

These are real people, with real feelings, who experience heartfelt love, and the sting of hate, just like you. Just some food for thought for you to mull over on this fine day.

Lots of love,

The Angry Optimist

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