Adventures in Germany: Driving School Pt. 3

Today concludes the great German driving school saga. Thank you to those who pushed me to put this story into print. In case you’re not caught up here’s part 1 and here’s part 2.

After hydroplaning through the wall of water half a dozen times we returned in snake formation to the parking lot.

Inside of our classroom again I was eager to get my certificate but anxious there would be a test first.

The teacher called on the other side of the circle to start this time. Best I could tell he was asking each student to relay what he or she had learned over the course of the day.

I had 12 answers worth of time to plan mine. It didn’t take that long — my German vocabulary at the time was equivalent to two answers worth.

My turn came, and I rattled off my pre-scripted speech:

Ich mag schnell fahren — I like to drive fast.


Das Wasser ist spaß — The water is fun (although this is also very wrong).


Kreise sind wichtig auch — Circles are important too.


By now the teacher knew that a pause longer than 5 seconds meant I’d ran out of words to say. So, he nodded and began into a few more reminders.

Pens were distributed and I signed my name on what I wouldn’t find out until much later was my certificate of completion.


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