Family is Created and Inherited

I had dinner with my family last night, 15 of them came to see Sasha and I off to Germany.

Oh, boy was it tough. I felt like I was on the verge of bursting out in tears the whole time.

Their kind words and well wishing were overwhelming. How lucky are we to have such positive people in our lives?

I’m not sure what lottery we won in which past life but I’m glad we bought that ticket.

There are few problems greater than having a shitty family. And far too many people live with and/or are surrounded by shitty family members on a daily basis.

Most shrug off their bad luck and keep floating through life.

Some, however, go build a new family. It’s just a word after all. We tie it to our blood but that’s arbitrary. We ought to change the definition to anyone who cares about you.

So, yes, we can build new families and we should.

I’ve been able to build a family of Beehive Sports enthusiasts onto of my already amazing nuclear family. As a result, I feel the love two times over.

It gives me the strength to push the boulder up the hill each day.