Filling Hours with “Send”

I’m building a new business, starting a new project.

And it’s terrifying.

So terrifying that I find excuses and myriad busy work to fill hours. If I’m able to fill hours until 5pmish then I can reason that the work day is over and “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

But you probably know how this goes…I fill hours again the next day, and the next.

It feels like I’m filling hours with work because I’m hitting the “SEND” button a bunch. In reality I’m filling hours with more fear. I’m empowering Pressfield’s “Resistance.”

I’m actively feeding the naysayers in my brain.

Each day I fill hours with seemingly productive “SEND”s and “SAVE”s, it feels harder and harder to get back on track. Back to the project that I care most about. Back to the work that I want to be remembered for and by.

But again, that too is perception. I can just start. It may suck. It probably will. But so did everything else in its 1.0 form. I mean do you remember the first smartphones? You can’t really find anything today that looks so dumb.

Writing this has inspired me to get back to the work I need to do. Hopefully it can do the same for you.

But that’s up to you.