How talk about your project

Seth Godin’s questions below form a nice skeleton to bring clarity to any newish project.

I’ve populated them with my answers (in bold).

How to talk about your project

Not in a marketing sense, but strategically, to yourself, your partners, your coaches, your investors:

What is it for? When someone hires your product or service, what are they hiring it to do?

The Walker Challenge is a new type of college readiness assessment built to…1. Help students college application’s stand out. 2. Help students develop the courage to act and 3. Build a community of young leaders.

Who (or what) are you trying to change by doing this work? From what to what?

I want to college admissions officers to validate the value in creation (vs. consumption).

I want high school teachers to encourage risk-taking (vs. uniformity).

I want high school students to experience the value of standing out (vs. fitting in).

How will you know if it’s working?

If I get 10 students to do the challenge. And 7 say it was a worthwhile use of their time + they’d recommend it to their friends.

If another 10 sign up for the second challenge and say the same thing.

What does it remind me of? Are there parallels, similar projects, things like this that have come before?


RHSM trips to southern Utah or Brighton

ArtStart or That week where we could pick an art project





What’s the difficult part?

Getting the first person to sign up. Then the next one.

Figuring out how to effectively find and recruit these people.

How much of your time and focus are you spending on the difficult part?

So little. Need to spend much more time. Not sure what tools I should use. Afraid to start.

What part that isn’t under your control has to happen for this to work?

The world has to keep evolving toward valuing credentialism less and creation more.

Acts of god that prevent me from spreading the message.

How much (time and money) is it going to take to find out if you’ve got a shot at this working out?

One year and $5,000.

What assets do you already own that you’ll be able to leverage?

My dad is well connected/respected in Utah Education circles.

What assets do you need to acquire?

A partner.

What do you need to learn?

I need to learn how to design a test.

Build a platform.

Ask for help.

Be honest.

After the project launches, what new assets will you now own?

A tribe.

A focus.

Is it worth it?

If one student is changed by TWC, it is.

From which people will you need help? Do they have a track record of helping people like you?

Everyone who knows a teacher. Anyone who cares about empowering young people to achieve their goals.

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