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I created myself a new personal landing page and I’ll create one for your too (for free)

On the heels of my post about the right and wrong ways to think about resumes in 2016, I decide to create a new landing page for myself.

I had made one 8 years ago. Alas, 8 eight years in technology time equates to obsolete so I started from scratch.

Here’s what came out:

Anytime I start a new project (big or small), I start with a template. Four questions to be more precise:

Why am I doing this?
What is it for?
How can I execute?
How can I add generosity to this?

The questions give me three distinct advantages on the journey to shipping whatever it is I’m doing, out the door.

Advantage #1:

A better understanding of why I’m pouring a portion of my energy and effort into the project. Both are finite resources so validating time I could spend doing something else is important. Plus, I know I’ll reach a point where most people on similar journeys quit. For out of shape folks, this is February. For prospective doctors, it’s organic chemistry. Wherever it is for me, when I get there my “why” is the secret sauce that keeps me pushing forward.

Advantage #2:

A clear vision of success. Too many people start too many things without having any idea what the finish line looks like. When I start things I know exactly what “done” looks/tastes/smells/feels like. I may have to adjust along the way but I’m never without a crystal clear vision of my goal.

Advantage #3:

Way(s) to use my project to connect with others and build trust — the two central tenets of everything I do. When I have a clear plan to give more than I get, people’s trust in me grows. When I’m trusted more, people want to connect with me (and me with them). It’s a viciously positive cycle that flies in the face of what most people do online all day.

If it’s not obvious I’d like to use this project to provide someone/anyone with a landing page similar to mine. I’ll do all the design work and upload it to any web address you want.

Get in touch with me: davemarquardt1 at gmail dot com!

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