This past weekend mom, Dave, Leao and I visited my hometown of about ten years — Marburg. I lived in Marburg from age eight to twenty.

The main square of Marburg, very old.

This past weekend was also Pfingsten, known as Pentecost in the US. It is a religious state holiday here in Germany. My school friends do not live in Marburg anymore, but their families still do. Thus, around Christmas time, it’s always fun to visit and see everyone, but this year I don’t need to wait until Christmas time :).

While sitting on the train to Marburg, my mom and I were discussing how people deal with life changing events. She read that most people experience one of two emotional reactions. A lot of people start out with feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness. Some react to these feelings by entering into a long lasting depression. Others adjust to the circumstances and learn how to make the best out of the situation. I am happy that my mom is adjusting. She is making the best out of the current circumstances. She is positive, vibrant and alive. She has lots of energy, sometimes almost too much for me to keep up.

My mother and I moved to Germany 22 years ago to start a new life. This was our first apartment.

Marburg is a cute little town located in the German state of Hessen. The upper town was, somehow, not destroyed in either World War. Thus, you can still see old buildings from the Middle Ages. Most of the buildings in the upper town are crooked timbered houses. An interesting fact that I learned in school is that all the old houses are built out of wood, brick and infilled with soil, clay, straw and animal dung. Yay for German education!

These roofs are hundreds of years old

Marburg was home to Landgrave Philipp in the 16th century. He lived in a castle on top of the hill. He also founded the University of Marburg.

Dave, Leão and I had some time to visit the castle on Sunday afternoon.
From the top of the hill, there is a pretty view of the old town and the Lahn River valley. Marburg is considered a “young city” as university students make up a vast number of the population. Dave had a great time seeing where I grew up.

Dave has lots of gray hair, he is almost 30!

My friend Brooks recently asked me if I feel homesick, which I found a thought provoking question. I would say no, not really. I do miss my friends, work, and the sunny, warm Utah weather a lot. But, I have lived most of my adult life away from my family. Therefore, it’s rather nice to be back with my mom.

This Sunday my mom and I are on our way to visit family in Ukraine, meet my new nephew and be part of my youngest cousin’s wedding.

Love you all back home, big hugs and kisses.


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