The Skill of Leaving

Leaving is a skill. I have been practicing a lot recently.

I’m moving to Germany. Unfortunate family medical issues are taking my girlfriend and me to Bonn.

And I’m fucking terrified.

I’m leaving my hometown.

I’m leaving my company.

I’m leaving my language.

And that’s just the start of the list.

Every time I get really scared I have a few moments of sheer panic. Then on the good days, I can hear a faint voice penetrate the Resistance.

It whispers that terror is the beacon of light across the mysterious ocean of life.

And I feel better. Because I know that’s the truth.

When I’m scared, I’m stretched.

When I’m concerned, I’m creative.

When I’m most petrified, I’m most powerful.

Terror is our own internal signal for comfort. And when it’s ringing loudest and we act anyway. That’s real personal growth.

The more comfortable we are dancing with our fears — the more we’re more comfortable dancing with our dreams.

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