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Who Is Harvard Really Looking For?

Higher education hooks America’s best and brightest high school students using a combination of lures. New buildings, low acceptance rates, student-teacher ratios and famous graduates headline a long list.

But make no mistake smart colleges/universities aren’t competing for students There are plenty of those to go around. They’re fighting for the next generation of leaders and difference makers.

One leader is as valuable as 100,000 other diploma yielding graduates working as middle manager accountants. They give 100,000x back in donations. They give 100,000x back in halo effect prestige.

Most every organization works the same way. My company, Beehive Sport, and Social Club has its own form of leaders in captains. Captains recruit the rest of the team to sign up, to pay, to show up, to maintain a good attitude through a loss.

Okay, so what? Two things…

1. It’s extremely worthwhile to find the leaders in your organization. The people who carry 2x or 10x their weight. And make them happy. Make them feel valued, wanted, treasured.

2. The leaders of tomorrow are increasingly forgoing a traditional four-year college education. There’s no need to spend four years reading the syllabus when it’s so easy for those with extraordinary gifts to create their own.

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