From struggle to peace

Jacqueline Hollows

“I run a social enterprise working with people in the criminal justice system with addictions and offending behaviour.”

How did you come to find out about these principles of the mind?

“Well, I’m really sorry George and I really appreciate your time, but I don’t like it.”

“I’m going to take another look at this, that’s not the response of somebody who’s running a cult. That’s the response of somebody who’s just interested in me.”

What was going on for you, before you learned the principles?

“That’s just how it is. Life has to be a struggle”

“It didn’t look like there was anything to change — ..although I self-medicated quite a bit…it just seemed normal.”

So what changed for you?

“I fell in love with life and I learnt how to serve.”

Tell us about the moment in the park, the epiphany?

“I don’t care about how… I’m going to do it.”

How would you describe your understanding of the principles?

“I don’t have to worry about the experience I am having right now.”

What is possible for you now that you have this understanding?

“I have the confidence, resilience and resources to do anything I can come up with.”

What measurable impact has this made in your life?

“If you could measure happiness, contentment and peacefulness.”

If you had to sum up the essence of your personal story as a headline

“It all comes from the heart.”

What do you see is possible for the world with an understanding of these principles?

“All the people that aren’t being heard — the untapped potential of their minds.”

Meet the storyteller: Jacqueline Hollows





Sharing stories and statistics of hope for real change. #realchange

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The Real Change Portal

Sharing stories and statistics of hope for real change. #realchange

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