Closing Technique of the Week: The Feel, Felt, Found Close

The Breakdown of Feel, Felt, Found

  • I understand how you feel about (state objection). This is showing that you are listening to your client. This also shows that you are walking a mile in their shoes by understanding where their concerns are coming from.
  • Many of my clients have felt the same way. This is a form of social proof by putting them in the majority. No one wants to feel alone or that they are being a pain. This is stating that they are totally entitled to feel that way and then you put their concerns at ease by overcoming the objection. Also, this implies that most of your client’s concerns get put at ease by what you are about to say next.
  • What we have found is (overcome objection). Now it is time to overcome the objection and put the client at ease. The key here, as with any attempt to overcome objections, is to make sure that you are attacking the actual objection and not the smokescreen. If it is a fake objection the great job you do overcoming it will be for nothing. Finally, ask your client to buy after overcoming the objection! Don’t wait for them to tell you “I’ll take it.” That is about as likely as this…

Examples of the Feel, Felt, Found Close

  • Price objection. I understand how you feel about the price. Many of my clients have felt the same way. What we found is that with our 30 day price match guarantee you will have the peace of mind from now and 30 days from now that you are getting the best price. If you find it anywhere for less or even at my own store, I will price match it, under the same terms and conditions (important because you can’t compare apples to oranges), and you will get that money back. So, do you want to go ahead with the purchase?
  • Spouse objection. I understand how you feel about needing your spouse’s approval. Many of my clients have felt the same way. What we found is with our pending sale we can have you go ahead and lock this sale price in so you don’t miss out on those savings by purchasing this now. Then, when your spouse is free/back/home/here you can have them check it out and if they are not a fan you can bring it back and return it no problem. Want to go ahead and do that?
  • Time objection. I understand how you feel about wanting to come back to purchase this. Many of my clients felt the same way. That was until they found out that we can have you out of here with the paperwork in under 15 minutes. Since you are sold on this anyway, want to go ahead and just knock it out now and save you the hassle of having to come back?



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