Closing Technique of the Week: The Options for Everyone Close

If you want to grow your business use every last option that you possibly can and get creative with them. I’ll explain how…

Pretty much every salesperson experiences objections throughout their sales cycle, especially during the close. A variety of options will help you make it through most if not all objections. An objection shows that there’s a lack of confidence keeping your client from going through with that decision to buy. Your job as the salesperson is to raise that confidence up enough to where your customer will buy.

Most of the time you’ll have to pivot to a different product, service, price point, package, term, etc. Something that’ll be a better fit for your client’s needs and wants. If you struggle with understanding what your client’s needs and wants are check out my post on the best questions to ask your customers. Asking the right questions will help you uncover what’s holding the deal up.

Now when your client decides that something isn’t for them is when this close comes in handy. Essentially, you’re putting the client at ease by reassuring them that you do in fact have options for them. It helps your client to not get discouraged while keeping the deal alive. This close will pretty much only work if you have a few different options for whatever the objection is (important to know).

This closing technique makes the situation light and positive while reassuring confidence needed to continue. An example would look like “(client’s name), I completely understand how you don’t think you’ll get approved for credit and most of my clients worry about this as well; however, here at (company name) we do have options for everyone! Even options for people that are rebuilding their credit. I would be glad to show you those options!” This scenario sounds a lot better than saying “let’s check out x, y, or z.” Don’t even get me started if you don’t give any other options when you get an objection!

Hopefully you don’t do that because saying no is sure to kill any deal. Don’t mistake this close with my previous closing technique, The Option Close. They sound similar but are very different.

Why Options Can Make all the Difference

Options are fantastic but the more important part is that you’re utilizing those options as a salesperson. To help you understand, if you think about it, all prices are made up. A $5 price is as made up as a $99 price which is as made up as a $499 price and a $5000 price and so on. That’s why price is commonly thought of as a myth.

What someone may value $100 someone else could value $250. This goes hand in hand with the one man’s trash is another man’s treasure saying. Someone might say no to the $499 package but yes to the $5000 package. You never know! The options for everyone close is perfect for showing those. I’ve used this countless times and it works.

Various Uses

This closing technique is great for many different objections. Here are the various ways I’ve seen this used:

  • Price- Great if someone is pushing back with a price point that’s too high or low. Shift to a different price point.
  • Monthly payment- Use this when a monthly payment is too high. You merely push back the terms instead of discounting the product or service.
  • Down payment- This is for issues with the down payment.
  • Financing approvals- When someone is worried about getting approved for financing or for another credit check.
  • Package- Great is your client can’t afford the top of the line package. Jump down from the platinum package to gold.
  • Product- This is when the price of the product won’t work. Jump up or down in price. I say up because a higher price is perceived as higher quality. Not everyone wants the cheapest of the cheap.
  • Service- Very similar to the product scenario but works for services too.
  • Membership- Great for people pushing back for membership perks or prices.
  • Delivery- This is when your customer is not liking their delivery wait time. Have other different options more suited for them.

A great way to use the options is as a closing tool. Ask your client if they would buy if you could solve their issue. This would look something like “would you buy if we could offer you 2 day shipping instead of 5 day?” Does everyone need shipping ASAP? Probably not but if that’s the objection keeping the deal from closing you can keep that as the closer. Get that commitment and close.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that how you pitch things is imperative to your success. I recommend practicing your pitch to make sure it’s sharp, enticing, and relaxing. What may not seem like a big deal for you could be a huge one for someone else. Also, you’re going to have to make sure that you have the options to show your clients. This may be a great way for you to determine if you have enough options or maybe you have too many similar options and not enough variety. Finally, you’re going to need to be quick on your toes with this. Typically, with this close the client will give you one or two more shots max before they give up. Make great use of those last ditch efforts!

Remember that everyone is born a salesperson but not everyone is born a closer! Check out some more of my closing techniques to help make you a master of the close. Some of my favorites are the assumptive close, the if close, and the reduce the ridiculous close. An arsenal of closing techniques will help prepare you for any objections!

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