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Real Token is already available on Coinsbit! Real Coin

Real Coin , IEO started.

At last , ICO is ended and we are going to new level

We are on safe pal wallet .

Every moment we are remembering our ideals. ladies and gentlemen, we are now stationed in Ether Scan, today Ether Scan entered into a new contract with us and we settled in the market for $ 37. All our goals are being touched. We have expanded our horizons to infinity.

The best make the best, but the infinites create a circle for the best to be made.
The White Paper Real Coin currency project has been made available to the public from the REAL community, you can refer to it to review and evaluate the commercial and technical aspects of the project. The Real Coin team is also starting its initial release (ICO).

Pay pal is one of the largest online payment system in the word .

Recently we’ve joined them and from now our users can easily and safely buy from us with this payment system .

And This is “another step” in direction of REAL team policies in transactions.

Congratulations to REAL users!

In the field of storage of Rael assets, he has made a smart card based on Rael. This card can replace all your credit and bank cards and use it as a cryptocurrency wallet.

  • We have eliminated NFC technology and used the my fare to maintain the security of receipt and payment via Real coin. smart cards, which protects your property during the transaction.

Real Coin

Welcome to the RealCoin community, this is where the best ideas and best ways to invest are discussed. So, join the biggest financial technology projects today

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