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Arts on a Plane

Bored? Scared of a little altitude and strangers? Draw.

Red eyed Tree Frog — Costa Rica

I used to get very bored on planes.

Wait at the gate.

Stand in line.

Stuff bags into teeny spaces.

Stuff self into teeny seats.

Think about all the things you could be doing after you get down.

Try not to have to pee….

The time spent in an airplane is like jury duty. You have no way out so you might as well do a good job of it.

Old friends

Now here’s an alternative, how about you bring a notebook, a pen and a pair of headphones to the party. Literally anything will do. I got the idea when a friend said that he put on a pair of sunglasses and headphones so that no one engaged him in conversation. Although a little xenophobic, I learned two things.

You are going to be stuck in your seat and there is no way out

Headphones are a de facto “Do Not Disturb” sign

Music and movies are ok for a while but you are still consuming media. Try creating something in these hours.

So, here’s my method.

I get seated, pull out headphones , a notebook and a pen, not pencils because its an airplane activity, either you get it right or not. Don’t stress.

I like to work off of pictures that I took or saved on my phone. Sometimes I draw the plane itself or my hand!

A few times I have had passengers watch me do this and go about their business but none have interrupted me. Once I am done they ask me about it but not always.

It’s OK either way. I did this for me.

It’s OK if I messed up, only I will know.

It’s OK if the stranger is looking at me. He is a single serving friend.

Try to go for at least a significant portion of the flight and complete a significant part. Don’t give up.

Try to finish as you are coming in for a landing because the jolts will definitely ruin your work or save it for your return flight!

Brisk mornings

Now, when you take off your headphones, you will feel a sense of calm, energy and achievement instead of an uncomfortable need to stand up while the plane is still taxiing or waiting at the gate.

You do not need to be good. Just draw what you love, for yourself. You’ll see that airplanes aren’t all that bad.

Thanks for reading.

I am Jay Nayar and I like to draw. Swing by Facebook or to like what you like.