Undefined and Unconfined

I’m struggling to write this. I have been for weeks, months even. It’s really difficult to write an introduction for something which fundamentally and deliberately has no definition or structure. Something that has no form or existing manifestation. I’ve rewritten this introduction dozens of times, simply because I’ve convinced myself that even the very language I’m using is in some way defining the image of Stride.

Since closing down Protocol Media, a four year old project which quite forcefully shaped me as a person, I’ve struggled to anchor myself to anything. Somewhat unfortunately, I’ve managed to convince myself that, as a seventeen year old, I need to have a purpose; a meaning to life. That’s profoundly philosophical and equally terrifying — but it’s a mindset I’ve fallen into and however hard I try or whoever I talk to, I can’t climb out of it.

So I made Stride: it’s oblivion. I have no idea who it is for, what it is, where it is going, or when I will end it. I would usually label these sandbox brands I create ‘experiments.’ That however suggests there are controlled variables… there aren’t. Content will be varied. Postings will be sporadic. The medium in which information is purveyed will be unmethodical. My intention is to just make and/or share.

I’d love to give you a teaser of what to expect; but I can’t. I can tell you that I’m a fan of film, photography, music, graphic design and I have an opinion on many things. So those may possibly appear, in any form.

Hang in there.