Always Stand Tall!

Cynthia Erivo In Harriet

Flaws are a feature that layovers the perfection of something. A defect in physical structure or form. Our flaws and insecurities sometimes cause depression, anxiety and shame.
I got inspired to write these after watching Harriet (which is a true story).

The real Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman born as Araminta Ross was a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland. Tubman was beaten and whipped by her various masters as a child. Early in life, she suffered a traumatic head wound when an irate slave owner threw a heavy metal weight intending to hit another slave, but hitting her instead. The injury caused dizziness, pain and spells of hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness or drowsiness) which occurred throughout her life.

After her injury, Tubman began experiencing strange visions and vivid dreams, which she ascribed to be premonitions from God.
This gave her the courage to escape, she escaped to Philadelphia only to return to Maryland to rescue her family soon after. Slowly one group at a time she brought slaves out of the state and was given the name Moses.

Harriet which was her freedom name, knew the consequences of escaping, she knew her white masters were planning to kill her but she stood her ground and kept rescuing slaves, although few died before she could help them, she brought so many to freedom listening to Gods voice.
You should watch the movie too! Harriet-Starring•Cynthia Erivo.

I also got inspired to write these after watching Tall girl.

There are so many people who have great ideas, innovative thoughts, and wild inspirations. These thoughts could actually go a long way to solving the needs of people or communities or even nations.
But due to their insecurities they believe they’re not fit for it, trust me I’ve felt that way before.
We really need to stop asking the “what if” questions and make moves…
Come out of your hideout
Conquer that insecurity
See yourself as flawless
And trust me
You’d make great impacts

People have been bullied, people have been criticized, people have been mocked because of their flaws and insecurities. But never let these things get to you, you are YOU and no one can change that.

No one is capable of bringing you down unless you let them, ALWAYS STAND TALL!
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