Checklist to get your house ready to sell

Getting your house ready to sell can require a lot of work! You need to be organized to make sure that you are being effective and working efficiently. Use this checklist to help yourself get ready for your upcoming move. Once you have gone through the list, your house will be ready for visitors and will put its best face forward, so that you can increase your chances of getting the best offer possible!

1. Get rid of clutter — Since you’re planning on moving anyway, get a head start and start packing anything that is taking up valuable space.

2. Wash the carpet — this will do wonders in making your house look well cared for and clean.

3. Get rid of odors — make sure that your house has a clean and fresh smell to it, nothing over the top because you don’t want it to be strong, just clean.

4. Power wash outside — especially the front yard, you want to make a good first impression when people walk up.

5. Depersonalize — this may sound weird but you want to give the impression no one lives there, your family all over the walls makes it hard for a new family to see it as their house, not yours.

6. Fresh coat of paint — this can completely give a house a facelift. Plus it will take out all the smudges and hand prints that kids leave around.

7. Make the needed repairs — especially the big ticket items like a leaky roof or foundation issues, these items will cause you to get much lower offers.

8. Kick up the curb appeal — consider painting your door and planting flowers to make the curb appeal really stand out, get a nice and new welcome mat too.

9. Organize the closet space — people will check them and if you have a bunch of items stuff in there, they are going to give off the impression there isn’t enough storage space… storage space is important to buyers!

10. Use neutral colors — you may like the lime green comforter or the hot pink bean bag chair that’s sitting around but you want to try and appeal to the widest range of people possible.

11. Make small updates — little things like matching hardware throughout the house can go a long way to creating uniformity throughout the house.

12. Create a cleaning schedule — make sure the house is clean at all times because people will drop in with a moments notice so you want to make sure you are ready around the clock.

13. Rent a moving truck — you can either decide to move yourself or even hire professionals. To keep costs down, move your stuff on your own with a moving truck from somewhere like U-haul.

Remember, everything is going to take much longer than you are anticipating. That’s always how it goes! So give yourself ample time to prepare so you do not feel stressed all at once. There are also a lot of great resources that are available at