Close More Online Real Estate Leads Using Three Proven Steps

Closing online real estate leads isn’t as hard as most agents make it out to be. However, the majority of agents go about managing and responding to leads in a manner that makes it very difficult to succeed. Over time, this results in countless missed opportunities and significant spending on lead generation strategies that are simply wasted.

Closing more of your buyer leads and seller leads doesn’t need to be a struggle. If you want to close more real estate leads, simply utilize the following steps as a part of your real estate lead generation strategy.

Respond Quickly to Online Real Estate Leads

What would you say if we told you your response time is too slow? Believe it or not, response time is the most common cause of poor lead closure rates. If you really want to close more real estate leads, you need to respond quickly or you’ll lose business to the agents who do.

According to this Forbes article, 71 percent of leads are completely squandered, usually because agents simply take too long to respond to them. By managing to respond to all Internet leads in 5 minutes or less, you could boost your success rates by nearly 1,000 percent!

Manage Online Real Estate Leads Smarter

Of course, it’s impossible to respond to every Internet lead in 5 minutes or less. If you manage your real estate leads smarter, however, your average response time will be much faster than you’d think. Here are a couple ways to get smarter with lead management:

Make and Follow a Solid Plan — If you work with a team, or even if you operate as a solo agent, having a solid plan in place for responding to leads within a few minutes might be all that you need. Leads are often wasted because agents simply don’t follow an effective lead response plan.

Utilize a Lead Management Service — If you have a good plan in place but still aren’t able to respond to your buyer leads and seller leads in a reasonable amount of time, you’re going to need some extra help. These days, there are quite a few services that you can use to ensure your online real estate leads aren’t wasted. Outsourcing lead management to a company that manages leads exclusively is one strategy that works well for many agents.

Remain Persistent to Close More Real Estate Leads

With all the time and money spent on lead generation strategies, it’s a shame to see agents lose their online real estate leads due to a lack of persistence. However, as you might expect, this does appear to be the norm. The Forbes article we linked to earlier claims that most businesses aren’t just slow to respond to leads, they’re also bad at following up! Businesses follow up with leads an average of 1.3 times, which means that most leads are only getting a single call before they’re lost and forgotten!

If you want to make the most of your online real estate leads, you need to be persistent. Some of the most successful real estate agents, including the ones who provided the steps covered in this post, have follow-up programs in place that span over the course of 5 years! If you want even more information on closing online buyer leads and seller leads successfully, be sure to listen to this Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstar Radio podcast interview with Justin Seeby and Ryan Graham.

Pat Hiban is the author of NYT best selling book “6 steps to 7 figures — A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Destiny”, founder of Rebus University and the host of Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars an Agent to Agent Real Estate Radio Podcast with Hiban Digital in Baltimore, Maryland. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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