Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Are you running out of social media post ideas for real estate? Do you need to find new ways to boost your profits by generating more Facebook leads? If so, this article on real estate social media will explore post ideas and explain how real estate agents and social media can be a killer combo when agents leverage social proof correctly. Continue on and you’ll find out which social media post ideas for real estate are the most effective to grow your business.

Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate Marketing Success

When you’re using social media for lead generation on a regular basis, it’s easy to feel like you’re rehashing the same posts over and over. While it’s true that real estate marketing with social media can get repetitive, you don’t have to be (nor should you be) reposting the exact same content. To keep your content fresh and keep yourself sane, try mixing things up with the following social media post ideas for real estate:

Review local businesses — Reviewing businesses located near your listings does a couple of things. First, it brings attention to your listings’ neighborhoods and your listings in an indirect manner. Second, it helps build positive relationships (if you write positive reviews) with local business owners and can lead to future referrals.

Post about past clients — If you give clients your all and exceed their expectations of you as an agent, they’ll likely be happy to help you market your services. One way to do this via Facebook for real estate is to make a quick post telling their story. For example, if you helped them buy the home of their dreams, try to include a picture of them standing in front of it after closing.

Post about your local market — People looking to buy or sell a home in your local market will be eager to read any market-related information they can find. Making a quick educational post about the local market will likely capture potential clients’ attention and offer them value. To turn these views into leads, link to your lead-capture website and offer additional market details in exchange for their information.

Engage your friends and followers — One of the mistakes agents make with Facebook is failing to post engaging content. You should always aim to engage potential clients if you really want your real estate marketing with social media to succeed. One thing you should try is making a post offering answers to real estate questions. If you have enough people following your page, this strategy will generate a lot of attention once the questions start coming in.

How to Leverage Social Proof with Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate

Do online reviews affect the purchases you make? If you’re like most Americans, they definitely do. According to YouGov, 78% of Americans look at online reviews before making purchases. Online reviews are important to most people because they allow them to make more informed decisions concerning products or services they’re unfamiliar with. These reviews are a form of social proof.

While not all social media platforms allow users to leave reviews in a polished manner, all social media platforms can be used by savvy agents to leverage social proof with social media post ideas for real estate. For instance, as we mentioned earlier, you can share clients’ success stories. Not only is this content engaging, it serves as a review of sorts as it displays how your services left clients more than satisfied. Get creative and use social media post ideas for real estate like this to build trust with prospective clients. If you do, your social media marketing will be more effective and your business will increase as a result.

Pat Hiban is the author of NYT best selling book “6 steps to 7 figures — A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Destiny”, founder of Rebus University and the host of Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars an Agent to Agent Real Estate Radio Podcast with Hiban Digital in Baltimore, Maryland. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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