Abayomi Omoogun


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When we’re lost, we gather experience.

When we have the experience, we change.

When we change, we grow.

When we grow, we become more committed.

When we’re committed, we join a community.

When we join a community, we serve others.

When we serve others, we no longer matter in the scheme of things.

When we no longer matter on the scheme of things, we find a life meaning.

When we find a life meaning, we can bear almost anyhow.

When we can bear almost anyhow, everything we do becomes joyful.

When everything we do becomes joyful, we become free from ourself.

When we become free from ourself, we become the human we’ve always wanted to be.

Man is a creature who makes pictures of himself and then comes to resemble the picture -Iris Murdoch.



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What is life?
Is it about understanding it
Or experiencing it.

What is love?
Is it about understanding it
Or feeling it.

What is suffering?
Is it about understanding it
Or learning to live with it.

What is peace of mind?
Is it about chasing it?
Or having it.

What is discipline?
Is it about knowing it?
Or working with it.

What is freedom?
Is it about following your desires?
Or restricting them.

What is change?
Is it about staying the same
Or finding a better you.

What is death?
Is it about leaving earth?
Or the beginning of a new chapter.

What is real?
Is it what you see, feel and hear
Or the interpretation of your thought.

What is anything at all?



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The way to success: Fail more often.

The way to growth: Experiment more.

The way to happiness: Make yourself useful.

The way to good health: Eat healthy and exercise.

The way to handling life problems: Work with a philosophy.

The way to being creative: Play more often.

The way to…