Under the Covers: Blakely Bennett

For the latest installment of Under the Covers, I interviewed Blakely Bennett. She is the author of Stuck in Between and other steamy novels. So happy to have had the chance to connect with her! Enjoy!

Fiona Blake: How did you start writing?

Blakely Bennett: I had been writing on and off for years but never completed a novel. Shortly after I met my husband, he had a dream that I thought would make a great novel so we wrote it together. After that, we caught the bug and wrote a couple more novels together, one of which we’ve published called The Demarcation of Jack. Then a dark story began running through my head so decided to write it on my own. Since then we’ve both been writing our own stories although we are each other’s sounding board and first readers.

Fiona: What writers inspire you?

Blakely Bennett: Wow, that’s a long list. At the top would be Hermann Hesse, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Audrey Niffenegger, Ken Grimwood, Lisa Kleypas and many more.

Fiona: How do you incorporate your life into your books?

Blakely Bennett: I go for realism with all my stories. I prefer characters with flaws because we all have them. In my stories, there is always something for the characters to become of aware of and overcome. In the Bound by Your Love series, all the stories include the same group of friends and sometimes there is conflict but mostly there is a lot of love and support, which I find in my own life. Plus, I’ve found the love of my life and am a diehard for romance, so I write about love, which is what I like to read about too.

Fiona: What is your writing process?

Blakely: I start writing and my characters take over. I do not plot out my stories. I think I would find it boring. I like being surprised as much as my readers do. When the words are really flowing, I write every day of the week and sometimes on a notepad when I’m out and ideas hit me. I also juggle social media, formatting, publishing, etc. so I don’t always get to write straight through a novel.

Fiona: What is the best sentence that you have ever published?

Blakely: I can’t say there is just one BEST sentence. There are many I’m really proud of. From my current WIP Samantha’s Maze: “I wished for love, craved it really, and shunned it completely.”

Fiona: What exciting projects do you have in the works?

Blakely: I’m currently working on Samantha’s Maze, which is the fourth novel in the Bound by Your Love series. I’ve already started book five called Unmistakable Bond. There are so many other stories I want to tell, so I’m looking forward to finishing the series.

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