Under the Covers: Elle Kennedy

So so excited to catch up with Elle Kennedy, author of The Royals series and others, this week. In this edition of Under the Covers, we caught up on our mutual love for Danielle Steele and Stephen King as well as her daily writing process. Enjoy!

Fiona Blake: What made you decide to take the plunge and start writing your first novel?

Elle Kennedy: I always knew I wanted to write, since I was a kid. I started off by writing short stories and as I got older, the stories got longer and longer. I sold my first book to Harlequin when I was in my early twenties, and here we are today☺.

Fiona: What writers inspire you?

Elle: Gosh, there’s so many!! Danielle Steel has always been a huge inspiration of mine. I love how her books aren’t just about one moment in someone’s life — they’re a journey that oftentimes spans decades. Stephen King is another favorite author of mine. His characterization amazes me, and the worlds he creates are just so inspiring.

Fiona: How do you incorporate your life into your books?

Elle :Sadly, I don’t know any hot hockey players or dangerous mercenaries in real life. Thankfully, what I do have are some awesome friends and family who sometimes say things or do things that make me think to myself, “I’ve got to use that in a book!”

Fiona: What is your writing process?

Elle: My day usually starts with my dog, Morgan, doing a once-around the house with whatever article of my clothing is his favorite for the day, while I chase him down trying to get it back LOL. For the writing process itself, it’s not as routine. I usually have a word quota I want to meet, and most of my stories are plotted out before I start writing, so it’s just a matter of sitting down and getting some words on the page. Some days I write a lot, other days I’m a bit slower. It all depends!

Fiona: What is the best sentence you’ve ever published?

Elle: I can’t answer that! LOL. And I’ve written so many titles it’s hard for me to even think of one particular line — they all just kind of run together in my brain. I do love all the banter that I’ve written between my male heroes, whether in the Out of Uniform series, Killer Instincts, or Off-Campus.

Fiona: What exciting projects do you have in the works?

Elle: Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on The Goal (Off-Campus #4), working with Jen Frederick on Twisted Palace (The Royals #3), and then doing a couple of secret things that I can’t disclose at the moment. You’ll have to wait and see ❤.

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