Under the Covers: Miranda Liasson

Excited for you to read this interview with Miranda Liasson. Miranda is the bestselling author of This Thing Called Love and other amazing books.

Fiona Blake: What made you decide to take the plunge and start writing your first novel?

Miranda Liasson: I just kept thinking about it and thinking about it. It seemed like an impossible thing, writing a book, but something I was endlessly fascinated by. Every time I’d read a book, I’d ask, how did that author do that? How did she come up with this entire story and make me laugh and cry and surprise me? I knew that I wanted to do that, even though I had no idea how. Finally I sat down and started writing. And by chance I googled “writers groups” and miraculously found my local Romance Writers of America chapter, who welcomed me with open arms and showed me the way!

Fiona : What writers inspire you?

Miranda: So, so many. I read many genres — not just romance, but YA, literary fiction, and women’s fiction too. Some of my favorite romance authors are Lori Wilde, Lisa Kleypas, Kristan Higgins, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Sarah MacLean, Tessa Dare…

Fiona: How do you incorporate your life into your books?

In so many weird ways! You never know how your own life experiences will play out in a book! My mother-in-law was always great with wise and funny sayings, and I have several of her best ones in my books. People, places, everything kind of morphs into fiction. I always love that T-shirt that says, Be nice to me or I’ll put you in my novel!

My books are lighthearted but with more serious topics underneath, a combination which I enjoy a lot, because it prevents the serious stuff from getting too bogged down. But I feel that real life is like that too — we all need humor to keep us from going over the edge!

Fiona: What is your writing process?

Miranda: Oh, lordie, I was afraid you’d ask that! I basically pound my head against my desk until I come up with something. For me, the process is not easy. It’s sweat and blood and tears — not pretty! So enough of that ugliness! Let’s just say that having a deadline to come up with an idea helps this process greatly, lol!

I’ll never forget shortly after I signed with my agent, she said, You need to write a synopsis. And I laughed and said, well, I don’t usually do those until after I write the book and she said, If you want to sell books, you need to be able to write a synopsis.

So I said, Okay, Boss, and somehow I did it. Every time I write one, I am utterly amazed, because I think synopses are worse than having surgery and I have no idea how I write them!

That being said, I do follow a definitive process and I do use plotting tools to help me. I am not a panster. I used to be, but that led me on massive detours that took months and years to extract myself from!

I try to focus on my word count every day, getting at least the minimum amount of words (2000) and on good days when things are going well, pushing myself to see how much I can surpass it.

Fiona: What is the best sentence you’ve ever published?

Miranda: I try not to fall in love with my sentences because most of them end up getting changed, lol. The sentences I tend to love, my editor will write notes by — e.g., What?? Or awkward wording or simply, strange sentence. Nothing like this business to keep you humble, yes?

Fiona: What exciting projects do you have in the works?

Miranda: I’m working on a Greek brothers series, the first of which will come out in early December from Montlake, called CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU. And the cover is gorgeous, I cannot wait to share! It’s a very emotional story, my most emotional one. It was difficult to write! But it has humor in it too.

These Spikonos brothers had alcoholic, abusive parents and were separated when they were kids. The series is about them finding their lives and loves — and each other — in the fictional tourist town of Mirror Lake, Connecticut.

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