REAL FUND joins the Bancor Network

Cryptocurrency REAL FUND, which invests in high-yield commercial real estate in Israel and countries with A+ economies, today announced that it will integrate the Bancor Protocol. This collaboration will help to allow continuous liquidity to REAL FUND`s REF token. Two weeks following its upcoming Token Generation Event, REAL FUND will allocate 3% of its circulating supply to a Bancor Network Token Relay. The REAL FUND Token Sale will be held from January 22 to March 1 of 2018.

REAL FUND will join the Bancor network using its ERC20 compliant Smart Token™ standard. This will allow the REF community to easily convert tokens with every other token in the network, using popular Web3 wallets and at algorithmic prices.

REAL FUND shares Bancor’s vision of autonomous decentralized markets. You can join the REAL FUND community here

“Partnership with Bancor allows us to offer a great user experience to REF token holders” said Co-founder and CEO of REAL FUND, Micha Nesher.


REAL FUND invests cryptocurrency in high-yield projects in the commercial real estate sector in Israel. The development of new technologies, such as blockchain, can dramatically improve and simplify the process of investing in real estate and ensure reliability in achieving project success. The territorial focus of REAL FUND is based on the high level of development of A+ economy countries.

About Bancor

Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens™, cryptocurrencies with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts. Bancor utilizes an innovative token “Connector” method to enable formulaic price calculation and continuous liquidity for all compliant tokens, without needing to match two parties in an exchange. Smart Tokens interconnect to form token liquidity.