Bring Your Song #49 — April 4, 2016

It was a cold night of collaboration, slow and steady at first. But as the night wore on, more and more drifted in from the windy Canton streets. Danny and Zach opened things up, with three guitar pieces that were almost classical in their intricacy, but really, this was not classical music by any means. Zach calls it “a smudge, a compact ball, of all the stuff we like”. The two musicians are vastly different in many ways, but it’s that middle ground of influences where they meet and collaborate. It’s where we all collaborate in one way or another — that commonality we are somehow able to locate among a sea of differences. There we were, at the middle ground, under the golden light of a hanging lampshade, sharing the words and melodies we had sifted from the ashes of experience. It was Bring Your Song 49.

— Josh Compton

Danny and Zach

D&Z 49–1: A new song

D&Z 49–2: Ab

D&Z 49–3: Cm

Dylan DeSantis

Dylan DeSantis 49–4: Improv 1

Dylan DeSantis 49–5: Improv 2

Jesse Gearheart

Jesse Gearhart 49–6: Wash me out to sea

Jesse Gearhart 49–7: Whisper

Lila Farris

Lila Farris 49–8: My melodic friend

Lila Farris 49–9: Patch it up

Lila Farris 49–10: Smile

Josh Compton

Josh Compton 49–11: Industrial drive

Killbuck — Matt Kurtz, Josh Compton, John King

Killbuck 49–12: Don’t want’a smoke forever

Matt Kurtz

Matt Kurtz 49–13: Lost Like Me

John King

John King 49–14: The Rain

John Yany

John Yany 49–15: Near the Cross

John Yany 49–16: For all the things my hands have done

It was indeed a great session. Enjoy the entire set below beginning with D&Z and concluding with John Yany. See you next month.