A peek at some of the views from this Flutter series

I have been wanting to jump on Flutter ever since I learnt of its existence and realised how big the community around it had gotten.

But,… baby Flutter is about 3 years old! 😱 Why now?

Hold up, wait a second! I gotta get something off my chest! Ahem, ahem… I am very paranoid when it comes to cross-platform and hybrid app development technologies. I rode the Ionic and Cordova waves, rode the React Native wave, and I gotta confess, I have never developed another application using the above technologies after trying them. …

A guide on creating and using react components

React being component-based, it provides great code reusability and flexibility to programmers in such a way that you can write a UI component once and reuse it all over your codebase. As a result, app development using react becomes faster as recurring UI code can be packaged into components. Additionally, development becomes more efficient as tasks can easily be distributed among different developers.

Scenario: You are writing a web application that has a section which displays a user’s username, email, and phone number. …

I have had a number of people who are new to computer programming, or those wanting to start, come to me and ask, “What language should I learn?” and I never seem to know what to tell them, because as my friend likes to say, “well, that depends…”. So, whether you are new to computer programming or are thinking about getting your foot in the door, here are few of the things you should know.

No one language fits all

void findUtlimateLanguage(Language[] languages) {
for (var language in languages) {
// The following statements will never execute! …

Mobile app development for multiple platforms usually requires that you create and maintain two separate apps which are developed in different languages. For instance, when developing an app for both iOS and Android users, one will have one app developed in Swift or Objective-C and another app developed in Java.

With React Native, however, you can develop apps for both iOS and Android using one language, Javascript! So if you have experience with Javascript, you can start developing a mobile app right now! And if you do not have experience with javascript, I would say that the learning curve for…

I have been developing apps with React Native for some time now, and I recently decided to add Firebase to one of these apps. For many other developers who choose to couple these two exciting technologies together, they might get frustrated as there are not enough resources about integrating Firebase in a React Native app. Therefore, I am going to discuss two different ways one can add Firebase in their React Native app, and will hopefully save some of you a lot of frustration and google-ing :).

Before continuing, I assume you already understand what these two technologies are about…

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