Nightclub Nightmares

Candice — Janie — Reina — Jerika — Alex — Billie — Rey

The camera flies over Twitter Island and zooms in on Alex who is walking down the street towards a coffee shop. Alex enters the coffee shop and has a seat.

Alex’s confessional

Alex’s confessional: Today I am meeting Jerika for coffee. I really don’t want to be on bad terms with anybody. I’m far from perfect and I have my flaws but overall I’m a good person. So I want hash things out and lay all my truths out on the table for Jerika. I just hope she’s open and receptive and we don’t end up getting thrown out of this coffee shop.

The camera then zooms in on a gym down the street where Jerika steps out and begins to walk towards the coffee shop.

Jerika’s confessional

Jerika’s confessional: I feel like there are enough issues as it is with these ladies, and the last thing I want is another enemy. I want to clear the air with Alex and be able to move forward.

Jerika enters the coffee shop and sees Alex, and approaches him and has a seat.

Jerika: Well hello there!

Alex: Hi Jerika! So I want to get right to it. You’ve heard some things about me. Some are true and some aren’t. I truly don’t want to have any issues with you. So whatever you want to ask me, feel free.

Jerika: Can you first admit that you had an affair on your husband, with my husband, while we were married and trying to get pregnant?

Alex: From your view of that…the answer would be yes. But from my view, I was involved with a man who claimed to be separated from his spouse.

Jerika: Ok but what about you? Weren’t you married? And didn’t you get pregnant right after you slept with my husband?

Alex: He and I weren’t married yet. We were engaged. We had an argument the same night and I decided to go to a bar where I met your husband. I did get pregnant around that time but I can assure you, your ex is not the father.

Jerika: Well you better tell him that. He’s been saying that to me for YEARS! He would always throw it in my face, about how you gave him the accidental child I never could. For your own sake I’m happy you’re not involved with him anymore and he’s not the father of your child. He is an emotionally abusive man and a disgusting pig.

Alex: I’m sorry he’d been doing that to you. When I found out he’d been lying to me I cut it off completely. He’s just like most men. Can’t get enough. I am truly sorry if I caused you any pain or made your situation worse.

Jerika’s confessional

Jerika’s confessional: I didn’t think Alex would apologize, but I’m really happy we were able to get it all out there and clear the air.

Jerika: Well thank you, I’m happy you apologized. It means a lot. I’m also sorry for the way I acted at Janie’s housewarming. I was just caught off guard seeing you.

Alex: To be honest, I don’t blame you. I would have done the same. I’m happy we could sit down and discuss the truth so many people on this Island have so many bad intentions. You never know who you can trust.

Jerika: I agree with you on that!

Alex: Billie will be happy we’ve cleared the air.

Jerika: Yes he will be! So have you met any of the other ladies, like Reina or Rey?

Alex: I haven’t met Rey. Reina flew right out of there last night.

Jerika: You need to watch out for Rey. He has been disgusting to Janie and said horrible things about her with his friend Nicki. *whispers* word on the street is Rey is almost bankrupt and whoring himself out for money.

Alex’s confessional

Alex’s confessional: I thought I was just getting coffee, but Jerika has brought the tea with her!

Alex: Whaaaat? That’s insane! Things are going to get interesting when we all get together.

Jerika: Billie invited me to drinks at a nightclub tonight but I can’t make it. Just be careful what you say around them.

The scene ends with Jerika and Alex continuing to discuss all the ladies and Jerika explaining the dynamics of the group to Alex. Jerika invites Alex to her Easter Brunch and Alex accepts.

Later that Evening…

Twitter Island’s Hottest Nightclub

We see Twitter Island change from day to night, and Billie, Reina, and Alex all arrive at Twitter Island’s Hottest Nightclub in separate cars.

Billie, Reina, Alex
Billie’s confessional

Billie’s confessional: I decided to meet up with Rey and again hoping to resolve whatever their issue was at my house the other day, plus I want Alex to see what all these ladies are like. I’m also curious why Reina came to Janie’s event and left immediately.

Alex’s confessional

Alex’s confessional: I’m excited to meet these other ladies and get a feel of them. Keeping what Jerika said in the back of my mind. Plus I want to extend an invite to my anniversary party next week!

Alex and Billie hug in the nightclub and start ordering drinks and having a good time. Reina enters the nightclub and has a seat by herself and plays on her phone as she does not see Alex and Billie.

Billie: *sees Reina sitting by herself* Hey girl! Come over here!

Alex’s confessional: I don’t know what’s this girls problem. Our first encounter she’s running out of the housewarming. Now she’s playing on her home screen pretending to be occupied.

Reina: *walks over to Billie and Alex* Hi Billie! *hugs*

Billie: Reina last I saw you, you were running out Janie’s like you were having the bad case of the runs.

Reina: My daughter actually had a bad fever and was throwing up.

Alex: You poor thing! I hope she’s feeling better. By the way I’m Alex. We haven’t been properly introduced.

Reina: Nice to meet you! Are you new to the Island? What do you do?

Alex: I am fairly new myself. I have an eyewear line called Barely Visible. Maybe you’ve seen it during one of my QVC appearances.

Billie: Reina, girl, I forgot — what do you do?

Reina’s confessional

Reina’s confessional: Really Billie?

Reina: Well, I own many department stores around Twitter, I have my own makeup line and I have a beauty clinic.

Billie: Oh ok, anyways, lets order some shots!

The bartender pours all the ladies a shot which they quickly finish.

Reina: Anyways, I’ve been thinking about meeting Rey one-on-one since he has been acting a fool lately and I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

Alex: Jerika told me some interesting stuff about Rey, left me gagging!

Billie: Girl what?? You know Rey is coming tonight right?


Alex: Something about being bankrupt and whoring herself out for money.

Billie’s reaction

Billie: *laughs* Girl what? Reina, have you heard this?

Reina: Yes, I think these rumors are true, I’ve heard them all over the Island for years.

Billie: Wow, I’m shocked. *turns to Alex* So Alex, were you and Jerika able to get over your differences?

Jerika: We did. I apologized for my part and we cleared the air. I just hope she believes me.


The camera zooms in on Rey who is seen entering the nightclub and approaching the ladies.

Rey: Hey ladies! I’m here! Now the fun can REALLY begin.

Reina: Oh god *rolls eyes*

Rey: Reina you look… well I’m just glad to see you out of the house.

Reina: Where’d you get that dress? The dollar store?

Rey: Reina, actually this is off the runway. You wouldn’t know fashion if it slapped you in your wrinkled face!

Reina: Your boobs are about to fall out!

Rey: My boobs are beautiful so I’ll be alright if they do!

Alex: Ok… let’s refocus. Rey, I’m Alex, it’s nice to meet you —

Rey: Alex, I hear you’re a homewrecker. What do you have to say about that?

Reina: *gasps* Rey, you need to watch it girl.

Rey: Pipe down! I am just saying what everyone else is thinking.

Alex: *stands up* Now listen you wrinkled bitch. I don’t know you and you don’t know me… so I’d be careful before you attack me in this JC Penney clearance rack outfit you call a dress.

Rey: Listen sweetie this dress costs more than your car! Just own your shit I’ve heard from what seemed like a reliable source that you’re a mistress! Unless Jerika is a liar?

Alex’s confessional

Alex’s confessional: Maybe Jerika was right, and Rey really is whoring himself out across Twitter Island to pay his bills?

Alex: Jerika and I have squashed our issues. I’ve owned my shit with the person it mattered to….and that’s not you so keep your dick suckers closed to me.

Billie: Hold up Rey — who do you think YOU are to go after my friend like that? How dare you say such horrendous things to Alex.

Rey: Billie…Billie…Billie… SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

Billie to Rey

Billie: Don’t you fucking ever speak to me that way!! Do something bitch! I DARE YOU.

Reina: Rey, sit your ass DOWN!

Rey: *begins to walk up to Billie and Alex* You know, my family is one of the wealthiest on Twitter Island and I built my ex-husbands up and got what I deserved from everyone of them! Stay out of this!

Rey then pushes Billie’s face with his palm. Alex steps forward and pushes Rey back.

Alex: *pushes Rey* BACK UP BITCH.

Billie: *gets in Rey’s face* I suggest you not ever put your hand in my face again you trifling hoe. Everyone knows the truth about your corrupt family. I suggest you get up and fucking leave NOW before all of Twitter knows your family back story.

Reina: Rey, just LEAVE.

Rey: I’m not going anywhere —

Reina: Fine, you won’t leave? *throws drink in Rey’s face* GET THE HELL OUT!

Rey stumbles forward and grabs Alex and begins to claw Alex’s arm. Alex shoves Rey back and slaps him across the face. Rey tries to pull Alex’s hair but security promptly separates the ladies and escorts Rey out of the venue.

Rey’s confessional

Rey’s confessional: Why is this happening to me? *wipes tears*

Production separates all of the women and Alex and Billie are escorted out of the venue. Alex is seen fighting with production over the fight with Rey. Reina looks very distraught after what happens and she leaves the nightclub and gets into her car, speeding down the highway.

Reina’s car

Reina: Hey Siri… send Candice a text: “Girl you free tonight? Can I come over”

A few moments later, Reina receives a text back saying “Sure”. Reina then pulls into a large, gated mansion. Reina steps out of the car and walks towards the house, and a tall woman opens the door and hugs Reina.


Candice: Hi Reina! It’s so good to see you. Come in!

Reina: *takes off coat and walks into kitchen with Candice* I’m so happy you could meet tonight. I’ve been having such a rough day.

Candice: What’s wrong?

Reina: I’m having issues with Eric. He is just being such a dick all the time, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Candice: Oh my god —

Reina: And all of these women… We were just at a nightclub and things got crazy. I threw a drink, there was scratching, shoving, slapping… it was insane! The stress is too much. Rey has been causing so much drama since my beauty launch.

Candice: I’m so sorry I couldn’t make your beauty launch. I was out of town at a conference now, but I’m back now and I promise to be by your side!

Reina: Good, I could really use the backup.

The scene ends with Candice and Reina having a drink and Reina filling Candice in on the dynamics of the group. Candice asks Reina questions about the other ladies and the two decide that Candice will come to the next group event.

The Next Morning…

Janie and Jerika

The camera zooms in on Janie’s house where she is seen making coffee and avocado toast. We see a car pull up to the house and Jerika steps out and knocks on the door.

Janie’s confessional

Janie’s confessional: I want to catch up with Jerika to see how she is doing. I know she was rattled after seeing Alex show up to my housewarming. I want to be there to help her.

Janie: *opens door and hugs Jerika* Hi love! Come in! I made us coffee and avocado toast!

Jerika: *hugs Janie* Thank god! I’m starving and I need my coffee fix.

The two sit down at the breakfast table.

Janie: So how have you been since my housewarming.

Jerika: Good, actually. I met Alex yesterday and we were able to resolve almost all our issues. I really do not want to have a problem with this girl and I am ready to move on.

Janie: Ok, I just don’t know how you can say that when she fucked your ex and got pregnant with his baby.

Jerika: Alex says it’s not true and I believe her. Yes I had my suspicions over the years but I am just ready to move on. Some things are better left unknown.

Janie: Jerika, knock it the fuck off. You want to know the truth, stop denying it.


Jerika: I do! But I have enough issues Janie! I don’t want to start up anymore bullshit!

Janie: Look at it this way. This girl is back in our circle. You have access to her, her home, her daughter… You need to do a DNA test.

Jerika’s confessional

Jerika’s confessional: This sounds like some daytime drama. Billie Reed is the only soap actress we need in this group! Janie needs to tone it down.

Jerika: I’m not sure. I don’t want to do anything illegal.

Janie: Just think about it. We’ve been invited to Alex’s anniversary party so you could snag the little girl’s hairbrush or something. Get one of your ex’s hairbrushes too and get a DNA test done. These two were fucking behind your back while your marriage was crumbling, you deserve the truth girl.

Jerika: You’re right. Even if it’s true, we can keep it a secret. I need to know for myself and to finally have closure.

Janie and Jerika plan how they will go ahead with this. Jerika continues to hesitate and Janie reminds her she needs to find out the truth for herself.

*Reina’s voiceover* Next week on the Real Housewives of Twitter Island: Candice meets the other women which causes an even further divide amongst the ladies. Jerika hosts her Easter brunch which goes terribly wrong when one of the cast members suffers a severe panic attack and is rushed to the hospital.

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