Share the damn salt!

Cooking dinner for the family and you realise you are missing the salt! Damn! This dish just won’t be the same without that bloody salt!

Looks like you’re going to have to go down to the local store to buy more salt, right?

What happened to the days of heading in next door and asking if you could just have one grind of the salt for your dish? Just one grind of the salt…

Share the salt!

Why do you feel that this doesn’t happen anymore? Media instilling the fear of others? The “perceived” need to own your own goods? A very complex topic, but nonetheless an interesting question to take out as you interact with the world around you :)

This is a smaller-scale example of a larger principle and larger under-current that is going on today. After all, as humans we are really simply patterned machines and usually (there are implications when it comes to survival and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) people who won’t donate $100 of their $1000, will be unlikely to donate $1000 of their $10000. If we aren’t going to collaborate and share as a community in our local neighbourhoods, what does this say about our approach to larger societal, environmental and even business challenges.

We have thousands of organisations and non-profits working toward similar ideals and visions, usually competing for capital, community and of course the title to say “we were the ones that did X!”

I’m writing this with the simple intention to plant a thought-seed and ask for your views on why this is. Why do you feel we find it hard to collaborate and act together in a community-driven spirit? Do you feel it is actually necessary?

Short and sweet and would love to hear your thoughts and feelings! Just post your comment here :)

Much love,