This is what happens when you unleash the power of the VR, AR and MR community …

We are entering the Fourth Revolution, yet only a few people really know where we are heading.

For VR, AR and MR enthusiasts, finding information, sharing new products, demos and supporting the community is becoming more and more difficult and time-costly as we are juggling between different channels, groups and tech communities.

Reality Hunt has a solution for that and we would be keen to have your opinion on the industry, and adapt the platform to your needs.

If you could take 4 min to take the survey (and share it to your network), we would be super grateful! There is free beer on the table if you’re in London and please get in touch to get early access and if you want to know more!

The results of the survey will be shared to those who participate.

Access the Early preview to the site by signing up to

We look forward to hearing your views!