Reality Over Theory News is about understanding how belief and perception distort discovering truth


Reality Over Theory News is about reporting media suppression of the truth. Main stream media uses propaganda to change, promote and perpetuate ideologies that become or are the underpinnings of the masses belief system (conventional wisdom). These promoted or established beliefs cause a momentum (inertia) which makes it harder for advocates of the REAL TRUTH to influence the masses toward understanding the absolute truth. For example (History: What really occurred in the past, what is occurring in the present and will occur in the future.)

Once the masses have firmly established a belief system built on lies and distortions, through propaganda they can not perceive much of the absolute truth because their frame of reference will impose a bias or distortion to their perception. Their understanding will be severally hindered causing an inability to discern the objective truth.

Deprogramming the masses belief system is vital for discerning and understanding of the objective truth to occur. The objective is to at least get the masses to be opened minded. Opened minded means to not accept any statements, ideology, customs or practices without verifying weather they are applicable, truthful, moral. If somebody makes a statement we must not be convinced because he is persuasive and charismatic, but we must only become convinced if there is sufficient credible evidence to indicate his statement is applicable to the circumstance or subject talked about.

Example: If I provide you with directions to get to a particular requested location and you follow them precisely and you get to your destination with no deviations from my instructions, then what I told you was 100 percent true because what I stated was totally applicable. YOU SHOULD BELIEVE ME or ANYBODY ELSE ONLY IF WHAT I SAY OR WRITE CAN BE VERIFIED, THAT IT IS APPLICABLE, OTHERWISE YOU SHOULD HOLD JUDGEMENT IN SUSPENSION. You should only form a tentative judgment until there is sufficient credible evidence. If you prematurely make a final judgment you are more likely to draw wrong conclusions and then integrate these distortions of reality into your belief system.

Psychological Rule
1) The meaning you assign or attribute to a person, situation or ideology etc. determines how you respond toward it.

For example: If you think guns kill people as apposed to people use gun to kill people, you would have a propensity toward an ideology of gun control. The degree of belief in the ideology of gun control would be influenced by the significance you assign to guns killing people.

Rule 2
The manner in which you were and are being socialized determines the manner in which your belief system is developed or is developing. Your parents, family, friends, members of society, religion, teachers, schools, media, Hollywood, customs, practices, traditions, norms, expectations, laws, law enforcement, psychologist, psychiatrist, social workers, and natural law etc.

Example 2
If you are taught that the government gives you all your rights that are enumerated and implied in the U.S Constitution and you really believe this, then when agents of the government decide to take away your Constitutional rights you be less incline to resist and fight for your rights, because you perceive that the government gave you these rights, so they can take them from you.

But if you were taught that the U.S Constitution was instated to protect your God given, natural inalienable rights from infringement by government agents; if you believe this you would have a greater propensity to resist and fight against an infringement of your Constitutional rights.

The more intense your belief is toward something, the more likely you will act in that manner and with the degree of involvement consistent with the intensity of your belief.

I am committed to informing open minded people about methods do investigate in order to discover the natural truths. I want people to know that there is a relative truth (what I believe to be truth or fact but is not or opinion, idealism and theory of reality). Also there is an absolute truth (What objectively occurred, is occurring or is about to occur, fact, realism and natural law). The objective is to have our beliefs built upon a foundation of objective truths, absolute truths and natural laws. If we misperceive certain things it is because certain aspects of our belief system are built on lies and distortion of the objective truth. We must be willing to investigate to determine if our beliefs are consistent objective reality, if we have beliefs inconsistent with the absolute truth we must allow those beliefs yield to the Natural Laws.

We should not believe what we want to believe, but we should believe what the objective truth is based on objective credible evidence.

Our approach in ascertaining the truth should be based of using the Scientific Method or investigate like a disciplined Homicide investigator.

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