The difference of VR, AR, and MR.

You’ve heard of ______ Reality.

You all are familiar with Virtual Reality, the hot new trend that began in 2016 that is ever growing until this day?

This picture of Oculus that Facebook acquired will remind you of where you heard the word ‘virtual reality.’

Also, ‘Pokemon Go’ which drew everyone outside and off their couches made you curious about what Augmented Reality is.

something impossible to not love.

Let me introduce one VR rhythm game you must play before you die: Music Inside!

What is this game?

Music Inside is a VR rhythm game created by Reality Reflection. Just like the title hints, we have created a virtual space to feel the rhythm within the music. Yes, there are bizillion rhythm games out there. If then, why Music Inside? Why should you spare your time to visit the Oculus or Steam store and purchase the game? Let me give you million reason to have your eyes on this game.

VR rhythm game: Music Inside

What is one priority of a game? Entertainment!

When you enter our world, you will see the ten different notepads in front of you. The rule is simple. We made sure to keep the rule straightforward…

Reality Reflection is back with a new VR game, Speedball Arena!

Speedball Arena is a futuristic 2 Vs 2 multiplayer VR sports game on a flying hoverbike. Holding two motion controllers to maneuver the bike in one hand and to snatch the speedball with a grappling hook gun to score to the opponent’s goal.

As you can guess from the game name, it’s very speedy game unlike other stand-still VR game and it’s for the hard core gamers and speed junkies (maybe both!) who would enjoy the highest difficulty level game on the light speed hoverbike.

Let me introduce three…

Hyunwook Nam — What does it take to be a game nerd?

Q. Could you please introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Hyunwook Nam, and I work as a software engineer in Reality Reflection.

Q. That is a very brief and to-the-point introduction of yourself. Are you aware that you are a game nerd between your co-workers? I must ask, what does it take for people in the game industry to call you a game nerd?

Well, I encountered ‘game’ when I was in 1st grade. I started with a flash game.

Everyone’s old time friend: Pikachu Volleyball

Q. OMG Is this Pikachu Volleyball?

I was 7 when my older brother brought a tool called “RPG Maker.” It…

Of course, MUSIC INSIDE is my first choice.

Oculus Touch Controller

As some of you know, Oculus Touch Controller was finally launched on December 6th. With this beautiful device, which games should you play? Oculus have introduced 53 games you could play with their new device. Here are some recommendations we have for you all.

VR Sports Challenge (Sanzaru)

Objectives & Key Results — How it fascinated Silicon Valley

Reality Reflection works with the OKRs system for the effective management of the whole organization.

Here, we want to introduce the OKRs system to you as a tip to manage your startup. Even for small teams that certainly do not have enough resources for HR, effective organizational management is necessary to elevate the possibilities of the team. In particular, the OKRs System is a perfect way to manage a small team even without managers or HR resources.

In fact, OKRs is well known as Google’s management technique. Top leading startups including Uber, MongoDB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Zynga applied OKRs as…

[Private Concert] Meet your own Musicians represented in VR

Do you remember the movie ‘Her’ about the love of an AI and a human?

From the movie ‘AI’ to ‘Ex Machina,’ varying movies deal with human like AI and these AIs interact with humans, confusing us about the boundary of humankind. In the movie ‘Her,’ the protagonist happens to feel closely connected with an AI and starts a relationship with her.

What makes a game entertaining?

I have talked to the game director of RR, Hyunbin, to talk about the components of an exciting and entertaining game.

What were his concerns when he directed Music Inside?

His theory for designing game is short and straightforward:

A game is an entertainment.

To elaborate his concerns, he used his favorite game, Braid, as an example. What is his thought about the game, Braid? What grabbed him as it did?

Shift key is all it takes to turn back the time

Let’s get to know the game a little bit. Don’t the controls and graphics of the game remind you of a game? …

Those two are not quite the same VR

VR is on the tidal wave.

From Facebook’s Oculus, Google’s CardBoard, Samsung’s GearVR to HTC’s Vive, News about VR is everywhere. You know Reality Reflection also develops games in VR, right?

Speaking of VR, have you tried VR yet?
Have you experience ‘The Matrix’ like virtual world?

We develop the ‘right’ VR game.

Reality Reflection is a VR game development built by VR fanatics.

Just like us, we want you to fall in love with VR, charmed by Reality Reflection VR games.

“By combining technology with storytelling,

we allure you to stay longer in virtual reality”

VR Game — The Right One for You

Virtual Reality is an enchanting place. It is the intersection of technology and humanity. Computer Science, Engineering, Arts, Storytelling, and Contents are integrated as one and build reflections of society inside of VR. VR is basically, ‘a whole new world.’

Reality Reflection

We allure you to stay longer in virtual reality Startup,VR,Game —

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