Will it provide an outlet for the deranged among us, letting them safely expend their dark energy in a virtual environment, satiated and capable of interacting civilly with the rest of society afterwards?
Westworld: An Important Show for UX and UI Designers
Gordon Browning

Great article, man. I haven’t seen the show but I’ve heard a lot and I should probably pick it up if I can find any free time.

Question tho: Does this kind of behavior make someone deranged? I mean everyone has their preferences and things that excite them in life. Everyone’s unique. I don’t know that those things necessarily make someone sick or deranged, just different.

I personally think we should let everyone who wants to live in their own alternate reality do so. It would free up the world of humans that don’t want to be meaningfully involved. We could make them their own cities and leave the good parts for the people that are going to take care of it.