The Ultimate Guide To Chatbots: What’s taking so long dude?!

The book is still a work in progress, but it’s getting closer. Here’s an update for your patience. Thanks for being awesome about the wait!

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Yo what up, fam!

I’ve had a lot of you asking how the book has been coming along. And I’ve been wanting to send an update for quite some time now, but I’ve been nervous about sending this update.

I don’t normally get nervous about writing, but there’s a few reasons why I’ve hesitated until now:

1. This is my first book, so I’m not sure exactly how to predict a timeline for when it will be ready. And I hate breaking promises.

Writing a book is not like making a deck for a client, creating wireframes for a product, or delivering a prototype — this isn’t something I do every day.

And the process is much greater than I originally thought it would be.

To bring this to life I have to:

  • Write the book (which I’m discovering is much more difficult and time consuming than I expected).
  • Have an editor comb through it to check for quality.
  • Properly source the knowledge I’ve learned from and used.
  • Make sure it’s formatted appropriately.
  • Figure out how to submit/process it through Amazon, both electronically and as a physical copy (also working on an audio version so you can listen to it while you’re working!)
  • And much, much more.

I hesitated sending this because I don’t want to over promise what I can deliver or when I can deliver it by. I’ve made my career by keeping my promises and I want to make sure I keep that going.

2. There are a lot of things I know but don’t necessarily know how to explain in a way that can be understood globally.

It’s easy to write something for experts in Silicon Valley — we all speak the same language, understand concepts at relatively the same level, and are able to communicate between each other, in English.

But it’s not so easy when you have to abstract that knowledge and put it into a form anyone can understand and use.

I’ve been working with teams across the world over the past couple months and it’s helped a lot. It’s forced me to take the knowledge and make it globally accessible.

3. I’m trying to make this the most valuable book you’ll buy this year.

I feel very confident in my skills as a creative and as a writer, but I also know there are many other brilliant people working on bots.

I know, because I’m blessed to be surrounded by them every day.

In an effort to make this incredibly valuable to you, I’m taking time to sit down with some of these experts, talk with them about what they believe are best practices, and get their opinions on the things I’m writing.

This book will ultimately be written by me, but it will be composed of knowledge from many experts in the space. And doing this takes time that I could never have predicted.

The Update

Because of all of this, I have been reluctant to send an update on the book.

However, I feel confident that I’m finally at a point where I can give you a realistic date you can expect the book.

I’m going to say that the book will be ready by mid-April

Based on the progress I’ve made so far and my best guess as to how the rest of the process will go, I’m going to say that the book will be ready by sometime mid-April.

Hopefully sooner, but that would just be bonus points.

In the meantime

If you need help or have specific questions you’d like to discuss with me, feel free to contact me. I’d love to talk (see, Reason 2).

You can email me at or DM me on Twitter @realjoet and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Be on the lookout for a series I’ll be sending out before the book drops, called The Countdown.

The Countdown will start four weeks before the book is going to launch. Each email will consist of three links that have helped me create the book, an intro to one influencer that you should know about, and probably some more quick updates on the book.

Thanks again for signing up for the email list, I can’t wait to get the book out to you and hear what you think!