To everyone that says “We deserve better”—You’re part of our problem

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You’re probably sitting at home saying neither of these candidates is worth your vote.

You’re probably complaining about how they’re both terrible and you have to choose who’s going to be the lesser of the two evils.

You’re probably discussing how Ken Bone is the one that won the second debate just like all the media outlets desperate for your attention, unwilling to report the real facts and talk about the issues because it won’t be as viral as talking about the trending topics on Twitter or Facebook.

But let’s be real. You whining about how “We deserve better” and not doing anything about it is just enabling the problem. If you really want things to change you need to vote. And not just on election day—you need to vote with your words, your actions and your ballots.

This election has gone beyond a difference of right or left. Hell, it’s gone beyond right and wrong. It’s a decision of morals and ethics. It’s a decision of basic human decency.

Donald Trump has verbally and non-verbally displayed his inability to properly run this country over and over again. And despite the opportunities to prove otherwise, he’s shown he’s not changing anytime soon. Meanwhile Hillary has done everything she can to prove to us she’s ready.

Sure she’s no Bernie Sanders, and yes I wanted him to win too, but Hillary Clinton is, without a shadow of a doubt, qualified and prepared to be our next President.

Hillary Clinton is worth your vote.

Ohhh, but her emails

Do you realize how many emails you’ll never see from Donald Trump? Do you realize how many emails you’ll never see from every politician? Do you realize how many emails you’ll never see from everyone that has ever played a leadership role in your life?

There’s a layer of protection in that privacy.

You don’t want to know everything the people governing our country have see every day. The majority of us would faint if we had to deal with what these candidates will have to deal with on a daily basis.

Yes there are surely some things we wouldn’t like or that they shouldn’t have written, but there’s a purpose to their privacy.

If we knew everything our government does, it wouldn’t be government. It would be anarchy. There has to be a layer of privacy somewhere otherwise everyone would be in danger.

That’s why we elect these candidates to serve.

And not only did the FBI find Hillary to not be guilty, she has also admitted her mistakes and apologized.

Ohhh, but she takes money from Super PACs

This just in: So has every other candidate you’ve ever elected. SINCE FOREVER.

There’s only been one candidate in recent history that even got close without the help of a Super PAC, and that’s Bernie Sanders. But Bernie was an anomaly. What Bernie did (and has done for the future of politics) was sooo rare. And if I had the choice, I’d elect Bernie Sanders to be our President.

But that’s not an option anymore.

Donald hasn’t taken any money out from Super Pacs because he claims to be “self-funded.” But if you’ve done any research into it you’d realize that Trump’s actually not self-funded. And, despite not being talked about, he’s using his campaign money illegally.

And Hillary? Well, as much as I don’t like it either, she’s just doing what every other politician has ever done to raise funds. It’s actually a pretty conservative, safe and boring strategy.

And if the topic of Super PACs hadn’t caught fire because of Bernie Sanders and social media this year, the majority of us would still be blissfully unaware of their power.

Ohhh, but she’s going to raise taxes

Barely. I ran my stats through the new presidential tax calculator created by the Tax Policy Center and I’d be paying an extra $170 per year. And for the extra money we’d pay in, we’d get so much in return.

Hillary is really only making big increases on the upper echelon of earners. About 0.2% of the country, if you do some research.

Ohhh, but.. but…

Look. I’m white. I’m male. I’m straight. I have a great bill of health and I’m in better shape than a majority of people. I work in tech and I make a pretty good salary. I have every reason to support Donald Trump.

The privilege that comes packaged with my life would only grow exponentially with his presidency.

But I would NEVER do such a thing. Because this year’s election isn’t about me, it’s about us.

Trump supporters are deplorables

Donald Trump is endorsed by members of the KKK and his campaign CEO, Steve Bannon, runs Breibart News, an extreme right publication that supports white supremacy.

He’s be been denounced by George H. W. Bush, the Harvard Republican Club (who has voted Republican since 1888 and has said Trump is “eschewing basic human decency”), as well as a majority of the republican leadership.

And a majority of his supporters? Deplorables.

And I’m not apologizing for that. Because I’m not Hillary Clinton and I’m not running for President.

They’re disgusting human beings. And so is Trump.

“Just locker room talk” is bullshit

I played college sports, I currently write for several large publications with global reach, I’ve spoken at events and in classrooms at Universities, and I work on a campus that’s home to a company so powerful tourists want to visit just to say they’ve been there — I’ve felt small magnitudes of fame in my life through these experiences.

When Trump says things like “They just let you do it.” I get it. I know what he’s talking about. And I’ve been around plenty of guys that have taken advantage of that kind of situation — but it’s fucking disgusting.

It’s a privilege to be looked up to and admired. When people tell me that they wish they could be in my shoes or ask me how I got to where I am, it’s humbling — not a opportunity to sleep with someone.

If you aren’t willing to recognize the impact Donald Trump would have on women and little girls around the world you clearly have never seen the pain of a woman that has been the victim of sexual harassment, assault, abuse or rape.

You’ve definitely met one, but maybe you just couldn’t tell.

Let me paint a picture for you

My mom is one of the strongest women in my life. She’s a saint. She also happens to be beautiful.

Why didn’t I get any of her good looks? That’s a mystery I’m still trying to solve.

My dad, my mom, me, my grandma, and Joe (my Grandma’s friend) right after my college graduation ceremony.

Growing up, my mom worked a 9–5 at the Post Office. She and my dad both worked at the Post Office. Neither is college educated. Neither knows much besides hard work, persistence and unconditional goodness.

All my parents ever wanted to do was raise a family and give us a good life. They didn’t care how many double shifts they had to work, how early they’d have to wake up or how many people might look at them as a lesser for being postal workers without college degrees. They just knew what they wanted to do in life and busted their asses so their family could live a good life and do better than they had.

But one day, their plans got derailed.

One day, a man at work started harassing my mom. Then one day turned into weeks. Which turned into months. Which turned into years.

This man stalked my mom, both inside and outside of work.

He would walk so close behind her at work she could feel his breath down her neck.

He would follow her around popping bubble gum so she’d know he was there, right behind her.

He would drive around in his mail truck following her on her delivery route, even as he was on the clock.

He brought a gun to work to show her what he owned and let her watch as he cleaned it.

He would come to our house and park out front waiting for us.

He even broke out windows at our house once just so we wouldn’t forget that he was always close.

I saw my mom, the strongest woman in my life, fall apart.

I saw my mom, my idol, shrivel into a helpless, terrorized human being.

I saw my mom turn into someone that was scared to be alive.

And what did that do to me? It made me scared too.

I remember being 10, 11, 12 years old and seeing my mom living with the blinds closed, afraid to go outside.

Have you ever see someone afraid to open the blinds? I have.

And because I was so young, I was scared too.

I remember having to look underneath the car, in the trunk and everywhere else possible before getting into the car when we’d go somewhere.

My mom wouldn’t leave the house without someone else with her.

And when my dad wasn’t around, I was that man — not even in middle school yet, but I was that man.

I remember watching a human spirit get crushed in front of my eyes and I’ll never forget it.

My mom is back to full strength nowadays but it took years for her to get back to the happy, loving, strong woman that raised me.

She went years without pay because the way this man terrorized her and the fact that Post Office officials (our federal government) failed to recognize this behavior forced her to stay at home to avoid him.

It took years of court dates and trials for such a blatantly obvious case of sexual harassment to be recognized, despite all the evidence.

And when I send this to my mom she’ll probably be mad at me for sharing this because, like many strong women that have fought through this kind of behavior, she’ll feel like it makes her look weak. But it doesn’t.

None of this is her fault, it’s the fault of the man who chose to put her and her family through it.

It brings tears to my eyes remembering those days as I write this.

Women who stand up for themselves like my mom did should be held in high praise for their role in changing things. You’re heroes and you deserve to hear that every day.

You’ll probably never have to live through something like this. And I hope you never do.

But I did. And it’s a real thing that happens incredibly often.

After the way Trump behaved during the second debate, he has only proven again that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote to support this kind of behavior.

Trump plans to use military force to control other nations but would use mental terrorism to control his own.

Not just against women, but against anyone that isn’t a straight white male of privilege. And this behavior will affect more than just the individuals it targets. It will have a ripple effect into the lives of those individuals’ loved ones as well. For years.

If you support this, you are deplorable.


So to the people who say “We deserve better” maybe you’re right.

But at this point in time we have two options, one of which is actually capable of doing the job we need done.

While Hillary Clinton is not Bernie Sanders, she is not the lesser of two evils. She’s more than qualified and prepared to be president and she will represent our country well.

And by sitting at home complaining about “We deserve better” you’re doing nothing to help your own cause.

So quit saying “We deserve better” and vote. Because we have to make a decision and it better not be Trump.

Editor’s note: I had a teary eyed conversation with my mom this morning and she’s proud to let others know about our story.

She said if this helps even one person, that’s a good thing.

So please, share this with anyone you think it may help. And please, go out and vote this Election Day.