Any update on the book, Joe? Mid-April has arrived (almost)
Mark Brehaut

Yo! Yes I do have an update coming here shortly! (Within the next week or so)

The bad news: it’s getting pushed out again (obviously at this point, I suppose)

The good news: I’ve added an extra chapter about actionable direction for the future and have also received strong feedback from expert beta readers, including CEOs of some of the top bot companies, professors, and some of the top bot practitioners, which has re-shaped the book to be a work of world leaders instead of just me alone, so there’s a lot of extra value coming with this delay!

Also have a couple of our top designers helping me illustrate the concepts so the book not only has loads of useful information but all is beautifully illustrated to help convey that message.

Update will be coming soon, and it’s gonna be exciting!!

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