KarmaCard: Alpha. Access.

3 min readMar 14, 2024


Announcing the Launch of KarmaCard: Alpha. Access.

After successfully executing the historic $KARMA airdrop on Bitcoin, the KarmaCoin Council is excited to reveal one of the first utilities of $KARMA….KarmaCard!


  • KarmaCards are your key to Alpha and Access in the Ordinals space
  • KarmaCards will be a free mint on Bitcoin — 72 hour window
  • KarmaCards are dynamic and personalizable
  • 4 Tiers: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and OG
  • Reveal of tier depends on your $KARMA balance (and a little luck 😉)
  • Maximum of 1 per address
  • 5 projects already in the pipeline for KarmaCard holders
  • Reveal of tiers on Monday 18th March
  • Mint at: https://chisel.xyz/karmacard

Why KarmaCard

Degens love Alpha. Degens want Access. KarmaCard is the key to both.

Project Creators need tools to build their communities, market their drops, and overcome the many technical challenges still present on Bitcoin. Partnering with KarmaCards provides them access to our tools, resources, networks, and direct access to our holder base.

$KARMA Holders are rewarded with higher tiers of KarmaCards based on their holdings. This is the first project incubated within the $KARMA ecosystem that drives additional value to the holders.

Your $KARMA Balance Matters

  • Anyone can mint an unrevealed KarmaCard during the 72 hour mint window. Only one KarmaCard is allowed per address. If you mint more than one KarmaCard, the additional cards will not reveal and be invalid
  • A snapshot of $KARMA balances will then be taken prior to reveal
  • Only those addresses holding ≥930 $KARMA will have their associated KarmaCard revealed

As a special bonus to celebrate our launch, everyone has a chance to reveal a card of a higher tier, as we have reserved a percentage of the KarmaCard supply for our Lucky Roll mechanism. This reveal mechanism will be on-chain and provably fair.

KarmaCards: Dynamic. Personalized. On-Chain.

The KarmaCoin Council is proud to announce that its dynamic KarmaCard art and subsequent reveal mechanics will be powered by sat end-points to allow dynamic updating of the KarmaCard artwork and have a strong infrastructure foundation to support the future of KarmaCard.

We cannot wait to see how collectors and projects utilize this opportunity to push the frontier of how dynamic distributed billboards create value for our community!

Holders can personalize their KarmaCards by inscribing a child containing the inscription id of their choice of Ordinal.

Creators can utilize KarmaCards as a digital billboard by displaying any content on some (or all) of the KarmaCards (eg. only Diamond tier holders).

This enables projects to engage with our community directly, by advertising to our holder base within their wallets using our unique, on-chain advertising channel.


We already have 5 Collections who will be utilizing KarmaCards as part of their WL and airdrop strategy for their launches.

Detailed breakdown of benefits for the 4 tiers will always be provided during the rollout of each drop.

If you’re interested in leveraging the KarmaCard community to help build your whitelist, take snapshots, and advertise your launch or an existing project using our distributed digital billboard, please contact us.

Twitter/X: @realkarmacoin
Email: collabs@karmacoin.xyz
Or speak directly with any of the Karma Council members.




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