Brexit and what’s next — a personal perspective
Matt Clifford

Matt, this is by far and away the most sensible thing I have read this year.

I am appalled and disgusted by the arrogance and condescending tone adopted by a cliquey faction of the remain campaign, many of whom are people in the tech community from whom I’d expect better. It smells of ignorance, elitism and a misplaced sense of entitlement.

What is also telling is that I know of several leavers who are well known in the community who told peers they were voting remain for fear of judgment and becoming alienated (hence why the pollsters got it wrong again). This is truly shocking when we allegedly pride ourselves on being inclusive and supporting freedom of thought/speech.

It’s time that affluent people in London realise that how they experience life is not representative of how our fellow citizens experience theirs across the rest of the country (where most of the population actually live).

It’s categorically untrue that every leaver is uneducated, ‘working class’, reads the Sun/Daily Mail etc. It is THAT assertion that it is deepening the divisions that have existed in our society for years and the liberal left have chosen to selectively ignore. I’m afraid that the narrative that has emerged in the last 48 hours illustrates precisely what has alienated a large proportion of the electorate. They are the people who are most affected by policy that is decided by the elite, but whose voices have been drown out, supressed and ignored because their views don’t tow the political line.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech, thought and expression? Or does that only apply to a demographic with a specific subset of views?

When are people going to learn that shutting down debate, labelling, belittling, ridiculing and demonising human beings for their views only serves to divide and radical outcomes will inevitably follow.

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