Oilz.Finance: Smart Revenue Optimization

The digital industry is leading the way in real-world economic development. Decentralized tokens now occupy the root of crypto exchanges. Increase the income of holders in its ecosystem. And create a more flexible business environment for users.

Decentralization implements more financial protocols to reward money earners. The OilzFinance endorsement has equipped DeFi assets and ackers to award users fixed compound interest (FCI) while using its Oilz AutoSlusive (OAP) protocol. The

OAP provides functionality for the Oilz token for automatic staking and matching. And that rings a fixed annual percentage (AYP) on the market to almost 500000% in one year. They focus on DeFi innovation y creating more opportunities and discounts for its owners.

Advantages of OAP vs $ Oilz token

  1. There is a low risk when using oilz.Finance for staking. It offers an Insurance Fund Valuation (IFV) that stores
  2. % per transaction fee ensuring the safety of trading tokens on its vehicle.

3. Trading is easy. Third parties are not allowed to hold your token which means it is fully decentralized. Therefore you cannot be a victim of fraud.

4. Quick interest payment after deposit. This money will e refunded to your account every 15 minutes. Then you don’t need to worry. 100% guarantee that you will not miss a settlement.

5. Earning Regularly Using this support you get paid every 15 minutes as a direct owner in your account. Cumulatively you win times per hour.

6. Token supply is sufficient. This was made possible by "The Defenders" Oilz.

How does OAP work?

OA (Oilz Autostaking) acts as a state of the BuyHoldEarn process. Investors are expected to have token contract addresses in their wallets. These provide maximum use of $Oilz for its investors. When you buy tokens you start earning every 15 minutes. As long as it is in your wallet it will e reflected. You just have to keep it and it will increase every day.

How to get Oilz.Finance in your wallet?

  1. First, you need the token contract address. This can e accessed directly from the platform or the website.

2. Next copy the contract address and paste it into the wallet’s custom token generator using BSC. As soon as the creation is done you will return to support using the OAP terminal to purchase your tokens. Use your contract address for the $Oilz token to deposit. As soon as you finish you can automatically win every 15 minutes. No third party can control your winnings. This means it is decentralized.

How does Insurance Fund Valuation work?

It is called RFV (RiskFree Value) and there is another token in Oilz. The financial platform plays an important role in the OAP trading system. It works y accumulating reserves to stabilize and maintain a liquidity pool. To avoid a quick sale that will drain the cash source. This leads to a decrease in the price of the $Oilz token. It uses an algorithm to save the reward every 15 minutes after the transfer.

Supported by a portion of transaction fees.

It has a contract address which is an IFV wallet address located on the system like this; IFV wallet address

What is Treasury?

It provides three functions that are extremely important for the growth and sustainability of OilZ.Finance.

Cash is treated as an additional financial asset to the VFI. This asset can become necessary when the price of the $OilZ token plummets or an unexpected lack swan occasion occurs. This helps to establish a floor agreement for the $OilZ property.

Treasury was also used to fund the new OilZ. Fund development support and mission. This will extend and reinforce the problems of the economic use of OAP and OilZ.Finance.

In addition, the Treasury provides funds for the OilZ trade. Finance and develop the OilZ.Finance platform. It has its own wallet address. Treasury Wallet: 0xA71A95f603C267139A66c0B7Ea6ce68C8C

What is Defenders?

This is a financial system that helps to grow the Oilzs scale through Auto-Correct Self-Execution reducing circulating supply and maintaining the Oilz protocol.3% of all $OilZ traded goes to The Defenders.

Another advantage of eternal distribution pool turning is due to its deflationary nature which equates to a higher value of each $OilZ token. So let's increase personal value.

Also has its contract address...

OILZ.Finance AutoLiquidity Engine (OALE). The liquidity of the the market is of utmost importance and plays an important role in enabling the buying and selling of $OilZ tokens on PancakeSwap.

In the opinion of lay people;

Think of liquidity as a large pool of notes split evenly between $OilZ tokens and $BNB tokens.

The conversion rate is set to the amount of $OilZ you can get with BNB e.g. 0.5BNB =44.93$OilZ.

When someone buys OilZ the cost per OilZ goes up and the cost to time ratio also changes to reflect this. The same is true in reverse for sales.

Liquidity allows anyone to buy and sell their OilZ in exchange for BNB. However, the less money liquidity in the pool, the lower the price you get. Compared to OilZ. Finance AutoLiquidity Engine (OALE) adds liquidity to this pool on its own. So problem solved.

How OilZ. Financial AutoLiquidity Engine (OALE) Works?

Every 8 hours at 22:52: 8 UTC OilZ.Finance AutoLiquidity Engine (OALE) alludes to automatic liquidity entering the market. Each order has 2% tax, and sales have 5% tax which is automatically stored in AutoLP Wallet. And integrated into the Oilz protocol smart contract is a tool that quickly takes 50% of the amount of OilZ stored in the wallet and will automatically buy BNB at the current market price.

This will also help maintain protocol stability to ensure APY is maintained throughout the life of OilZ.


$OILZ token is revolutionizing the crypto ecosystem and decentralized network. Developing a more stable network with efficient security to enhance holders' assets. This is the right time to join and earn from these token.












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