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really, that’s your defense of United? UA could have done all that BEFORE people were in their seats, they could have stopped 4 random people while boarding, or at ticketing there was plenty of time when they knew that the plane was going to be too full and that they should leave room for their own before they had to start dragging random people of the plane. And what’s behavior at TSA have to do with being asked to involuntarily vacate your seat? If everyone who’s annoying had to debark I’d usually have a whole plane to myself, this is a justifiable PR nightmare for UA and I hope procedures will be changed in the future because of it. Most people would indeed comply because we’re scared and apparently rightly so, this DOCTOR probably had more pressing reasons to be on the plane than some random airline personnel and decided not to be scared, perhaps you’d speak differently if you were waiting for, oh I don’t know, some LIFE SAVING TREATMENT from this doctor!

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