He found his Courage

He sat alone in his room. Looking deep into his hands. Acknowledging the roughness of his paws, the soft pads amidst sharp claws. All the potential contained in those paws, never realized until now. Finally he reached his goal. The destination he aspired to. He met the man behind the mask, if only it were his own mask he could see behind. He lost that man long ago.

But now that he finally has acquired that which he lost, he could finally complete his task. So many hours late into the night he wondered about what it would be like, what it would feel like. How would things change after it was done. His courage now intact, filling him with ability to accomplish that which eluded him for so many years. Years of sadness and anguish. The feeling of being declawed of his livelihood. No longer.

He took his thick paw and razor sharp claw, and pressed it against his throat. With one swift swipe it was done. He finally had the courage to end his sad and lonely existence. No longer a coward, no longer anything.

Finally he could rest, devoid of fear and doubt.

** This is a purely cathartic piece while dealing with severe depression. Please don’t worry, unlike the lion I’ve never been courageous enough to ever go through a suicide attempt and can’t imagine myself being that brave/ignorant.

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