My “Five Years From Now” from Five Years Ago

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We plan things. We make goals, establish targets, but in the end, it doesn’t really turn out as we wanted it to be.

Five years ago, I was a different person. I had a different set of goals and I had completely different aims. I wanted to be something else. If you had told me how I am now back then, I would politely ask if you have taken your daily dose of medication.

I was a polite kid, more then than now. Back then, that was my way of saying that “you are fucking crazy”.

Time passes, seasons change, life moves on, but what really constitutes change in one’s ownself? Growing up, how can you know the ways you have changed?

Looking back, I know I have changed. I never made a “Five years from now” in my life, probably still won’t. But here is what I would have thought my future would be like. I can’t really see myself as that person anymore but I’ll try my best.

So here is a “Five Years From Now From Five Years Ago”,

Grade 9, 14-year-old me

  • I want to be working at Google. I am great at studies and if there’s a way to learn my way through, I’ll do it.
  • Five years from now, I would be a bad-ass computer-geek and studying at an Ivy League College, probably Stanford. (I hadn’t seen the Social Network , Harvard replaced Stanford after seeing it)
  • I am going to have a super-popular technology blog and have a team of writers working for me. Will earn thousands of dollars from the blog every month to satisfy my hunger for tech gadgets. (Had just started blogging a couple of years ago, and was working at a technology magazine as a writer)
  • Will have the latest iPhone and tech gadgets. (Was really into iPhone before I got my first Nexus)
  • I would have gym-ed a lot, have a great handsome build (Who doesn’t want that?)
  • Would drive a Mitsubishi Evo.
  • Would NOT be shy.
  • Travel the world.

Here I am now, five years onwards, and I am nothing like that. I have grown to love writing incredibly, something I wouldn’t have dreamt of. Writing, I only thought of as a way to earn money.

Now, I am in love with it. It’s the only way to keep me calm and let out my thoughts. Digital ink is my anti-depressant. A lot of the credit — almost all of it — goes out to Medium and the people over here.

The wonderful, incredible people that portray their real selves. Like I have said already, multiple times, people portray their best selves on social networks. Here on Medium, they display their real selves.

Blogging was the same — it was just a way to gather some pocket money and buy a good phone or a laptop. Now, I have half a mind to go into the field of technology journalism.

It was last year, when I joined TechJuice, one of the few great technology blogs in my country, Pakistan. That is when I felt a calling and I have just loved working in this field. Talking to entrepreneurs working towards their passion, coming across incredible startups trying to solve problems I didn’t know existed, fretting about deadlines while working on an article, it all just feels great. What’s more, it keeps pushing me to do more.

Now, I work at the largest technology blog in the country and I believe I can still go beyond.

Working at Google? That’s still a dream, though a distant one. I have things to do before that. Lots of things. And no, I don’t still love iPhones, Nexus all the way!

I am still shy beyond hope, thin as a stick and way too tall to be considered normal, but I am learning to be okay with that. I could also do with a truckload of confidence, but it’s okay. It will be okay. I have quite a few “Five Years From Now”s to go to worry about that.

Alas, there are things that haven’t changed. I still want an Evo. Damn that car’s cool. And, I still want to travel. Travel a LOT. Come on, don’t let me wait another five years for those two at least.

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